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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Convert Everything Is The Most Powerful Android Conversion App

Convert Everything 1
We live in a global economy. We trade in encrypted currencies. We live in bytes. Online, we are one. Before this turns into a Fight Club sequel, let me dial down.
The online world is great, but the problem is that rest of the world has not been able to progress at the same rate as we have in the last two decades. The barriers between countries, culture, languages, units etc still stand. And dealing with them is more annoying than ever. My dad knows how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius off the top of his head. I on the other hand ask Google or Siri or even Cortana to do that for me. Good thing, though, is that he doesn’t knowhow to write CSS, so it’s not a major blow to my ego.
The fact remains, as much as we love the idea of net neutrality, openness and equality, it’s just not true. Take any measure you want, the “one true unit” to “rule them all” just doesn’t exist.
So we need to use Google and Siri to do the hard work for us.
If you use an Android phone, there’s a better, more powerful, and far easier way to do it. And all it takes is one app.

Convert Everything for Android

I thought the name of this app was a bit over the top at first. Convert Everything? Really?
But after testing it out, I’m convinced.
Convert Everything Convert Everything
It’s a simple app with basically every unit of conversion you can think of. It has the usual suspects like time, time zones, date difference, length, temperature etc. But as you keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, you find things you never heard of. Some of them are amazingly useful and some you don’t even know what to do with.

Converting Everything

Let’s get comfortable with the app. It’s a simple app with three panes – ConvertFavorites andCategories. Convert gives you the long list of things you can convert. Favorites list the units you have starred (you’ll really need to use that) and the Categories tab, well, shows you the categories.
There’s the ever useful search function at the top and the ability to switch between a light and a dark theme. The app will also show you a history of all your conversions with the results. As I said, a pretty powerful app.
Convert Everything Convert Everything
Tap on a unit you want to convert. Usually you’ll have to input the base unit yourself or select one from a drop down menu. If it’s something simple like Temperature, there’s only one unit to figure out. But there can be many more if you picked something complicated like Acceleration – Linear.
Input the data and scroll down till you see a big box that reads Click To Continue. Click on it to see the results. You can change the numbers to update the result on the fly or use the refresh button up top. The star button next to it will add the conversion units to your favorites pane.
By far, the best thing about this app is that it doesn’t just show you the conversion for one unit. No, it shows you the conversion for all the listed units. So if you go into Length/Distance input the quantity to convert, select the base unit but leave the Convert to unit and All available units, the app will show you the converted quantity in every available unit in the app.

Lots Of Crazy Things

As I said, Convert Everything lets you convert things you never even thought you could in an app. One of the pleasant surprises was the CSS option. Dealing with font heights in CSS is a mess. This way you can enter a font height in pixels and have it converted in ems, picas, points and a lot more in seconds.
Convert Everything 2
There are of course many more things in the Convert Everything app. Things I’m not smart enough to use properly. But if you come from an engineering background or work in the field of science, Convert Everything might just take up space on your dock.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Beginner’s Guide to Flash Fill in Microsoft Excel 2013

Some of the most time consuming and irritating aspects of Excel are working with repetitive information. This included writing formulas, formatting, separating dates, and entering names and email addresses manually. Fortunately, the Flash Fill feature introduced with Microsoft Excel’s 2013 edition makes these tasks easier with brilliant automatic filling.
Excel’s Flash Fill is a time-saving feature which fills in data for you when a pattern is evident. It can also can extract and insert as well as format and concatenate. This feature can even reverse text, numbers, dates and much more.
Let us walk through how to use Flash Fill with some examples.
1. Separating First Name and Last Name Using Flash Fill
We have a list of full names in one column, and we will separate the data in this column into two individual columns using Flash Fill.
2. Concatenating Last Name and First Name with Comma Separation
We have a lengthy list of full names in one column, and we wish to have the pattern: last name, comma, first name.
3. Extracting Initials from Full Names
We have the same list of full names. We will extract initials from the full names using Flash Fill.
4. Formatting Phone Numbers Using Flash Fill
Using Flash fill to format phone numbers, you can concatenate with brackets to make it easily readable.
5. Extracting Text before the Symbol @ from Email Addresses
With the Flash fill feature, extracting text before the @ symbol from email addresses is simple.
Note: Flash Fill cannot recognize source data modification.
If you apply Flash Fill on source data and then try to modify the source data, Flash Fill cannot recognize the changes and make modifications in available results as Excel formulas do. Therefore, it is best to use Flash Fill with data which is not going to be modified in the future.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Talk.to – Seamless chatting across Facebook and Google and Send free SMS!

One of the common chores while browsing the internet is chats. You have chats open in Facebook, chat boxes in your Gmail window, even in Windows Live. It surely is a big task managing all your friend’s chats and miss a few pings that you wish you could reply to. For those chat addicts, chatting with friends all at one place would be great. Though it is not the first app, Talk.to certainly aims to integrate all your chats in one place in an elegant interface and seamless experience.
Talk.to is available on Chrome desktop browser as well as on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. After installing from the Chrome Web Store, Talk.to acts as a webapp that you can access from the list of other webapps. Talk.to supports Facebook, Google Talk, Windows Live and Pingpong.
One can set up the respective accounts with ease. While integrating Facebook, remember to check whether you want the app to post on your behalf that is visible to your friends. It is highly suggested that you choose “Only me” option from the dropdown.
Talk.to imports contacts from the accounts you have integrated, displays them on the right sidebar. Online users have a neat green indicator adjacent to their name (Google Talk contacts will have a red indicator if they are busy). You can start chatting with any of the contacts in the list. All the active chats appear on the left and you can choose to close them through the close indicator. The clean interface is refreshing and offer little distraction while you chat.
Talk.to also opens up whenever somebody from either of the accounts pings you. It has its own notification sound and in chrome it appears in the bubble notification. You can also carry over a chat in Talk.to from Google, Facebook, etc. All the chat history will be stored in the sites, so you won’t miss any of the previous conversation.
Talk.to also allows you to send SMS to the contacts if they are not online or are not responding. The app though does not import the contact details, so you will have to enter the number yourself. Even then this feature is handy and you get up to 200 SMS free with additional 5 free SMS every Sunday to your credit.
Talk.to has groups, where other users of Talk.to can join in to discuss. This is handy especially when all your friends are on different networks. One can create a group and invite users to the group. The best part is this is not temporary, so you can chat to multiple users any time. Talk.to has also integrated search box, that let you search for contacts and groups from all the accounts you have logged in.
talkto_2 talkto_3
talkto_4 talkto_5
On the mobile platforms, Talk.to offers nearly the same functionality. On Android, Talk.to has widget support that show notifications and active chat windows open. Future versions will have group chats and smiley packs in the mobile version.
Talk.to is free to download on all platforms. A standalone app is available for Windows users, though the webapp on Chrome browser is a pleasure to use. Download Talk.to for seamless integrated chat experience.