Thursday, August 2, 2012

Create Multiple Aliases with Account

Microsoft has launched the latest version of their webmail service called The new webmail replaces the existing Hotmail and users can now create their new email address or upgrade their existing ones to by renaming it or even create aliases. Aliases aren’t fully featured inbox, but act as a different email which can be sent and received from the primary account to which alias have been created.

In one way creating multiple aliases makes sense as you can get all the emails from different addresses in one Inbox. But at the same time, these aliases will not have full inbox as they are dependent on the primary account. If you are looking to create aliases with, here is the way to do it.

You need to log into with your primary address, either the default address or the newly created address. Once logged in, open this URL-

Here you can specify the new email address which you want to create as an alias for the existing account. Once you have created the alias, you can specify if you want a new folder for the alias or use the inbox.

Once set up, you can actually use this email alias to send and receive emails using the primary ID. You can manage your Email aliases from this page-, where you can remove any alias created or change the primary email address.

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