Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Import Gmail Contacts in Microsoft Outlook Email Service

Microsoft just started a new email service called Outlook and many users have already started using it to get a fresh change in their daily email experience. I have also created dozens of email accounts with Outlook because it is a new service now. I had some good email addresses that I wanted to book first for future use. After creating a new address in Outlook, most people want to import their contacts from their old email accounts. As of now, Outlook supports import contacts from Gmail using a contact csv file. Outlook users can also import contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. In this article, I will explain how you can import your contacts from your old email accounts to Outlook.

Importing contacts from other email accounts can save you lots of time as you can start using your newly created email account instantly without any issues related to contacts. To get started, please login with your Outlook account and follow the instructions given below:

1. After successfully logging in with your Outlook mail account, click on the Outlook button to get access to other Outlook tabs.

2. Out of the four Outlook tabs, click on the People tab from Outlook’s pop-up option.

3. Clicking on People tab will move you to another webpage where you can add people from different accounts. At present, Outlook supports importing contacts from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also upload the csv file of contacts as most email providers have the feature to export all the available contacts in csv format. So you have two ways to import contacts from another account – by directly linking your old account to Outlook or using the import/export contacts option. To import only Gmail contacts in Outlook mail, click on Google Contacts option.

4. When you will click on Google Contacts, Outlook will open a new window where you need to authorize Outlook email service to access your Google account so that it can easily import all of your contacts. You must login with your Google account to authorize Outlook to import your contacts. If you have already logged in with your Google account within the same browser then Outlook will import all the contacts instantly once you click on the Connect button.

Finally, after pressing the Connect button, you will see that all your contacts are now available in your Outlook Email Service.

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