Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of the features still missing in Windows Explorer is the availability of tabbed interface. The good thing about any tabbed interface is that you can quickly navigate between windows. We had covered tools like QTTabBar which brings in tabbed interface to Windows Explorer. Clover 2 is a freeware utility for Windows, which when installed brings in the Google Chrome like tabbed interface to Windows Explorer. The tabs are neatly arranged on the top very much similar to Chrome.
Tabbed interface Clover 2
To master this powerful tool, just remember that Ctrl + T to open the page, and Ctrl + W close the page, Ctrl + Tab to switch pages. You can also bookmark any folder or drive on to the app. Bookmarks can be added using shortcut key or from the context menu of the tabs.
Context menu
Once you install the app, whenever you open Windows Explorer, this app is opened by default. It also has a neat icon on the taskbar which makes it easy to identify as well.
Overall, Clover 2 is a nice free tool which can be called a true Windows Explorer replacement.

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