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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Easily Share WiFi Internet Connection in Windows

It happens at times, when one need to share WiFi Internet connection across multiple devices. It could be another laptop, tablet or a mobile device. To easily share WiFi Internet connection, a WiFi Hotspot should be in place. The WiFi Hotspot helps enabling the Internet connection sharing. That in turn let other devices get connected to the WiFi Hotspot with or without a WiFi access password.

Instead of making changes in your current network settings or creating an adhoc network in Windows, one can easily share WiFi Internet connection with a third party WiFi Hotspot software. One such software that I personally use and recommend is mHotspot. It works amazingly well with no-non sense features. So, in this tutorial, we will show you steps to easily share WiFi Internet connection without changing any network settings with mHotspot. Let’s see how it works:
Steps to share a WiFi Internet connection in Windows with mHotspot

1. Download mHotspot from here. Its available for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Android as well. Choose and download it for your respective operating system.

2. Install it with proprietary download.com installer.

3. Once installed, launch the software.

4. mHotspot homescreen comes up, in this window, add the following:

Hotspot name: Any name you desire and find easy can be added.
Password: Create a password.
Share From: From the drop down menu, select the Internet connection you want to be shared with other devices.
Max clients: You can maximum add up to 10 devices. Once completed with these requisites, click “Start Hotspot”.

5. Enable Wi-Fi connection on your devices, search for a WiFi network, click on the Hotspot name, enter the password and done! You are connected to the Internet. Congratulations. The connected clients (devices) can be seen with their IP and Mac addresses.


mHotspot, being a free software, does not offer lot many customization options. But, you could monitor the data usage and choose to run the program at system start up.

mHotspot is a free software and does the job perfectly. Its ideal for a home or a small network (upto 10 pc’s). So, if you are looking to share WiFi Internet connection without much of a trouble, mHotspot does the trick for you. Happy sharing! :-)

Monday, December 23, 2013

SurDoc Cloud Backup Offers 100GB Of Free Storage With Focus On Privacy

Another day, another cloud storage service, or so it seems to be these days. With the increasing trend in mobile computing, consumers want their data always accessible to them no matter where they are, and the best way to do that is to upload or sync it to a cloud drive. And even for those who don’t need access to their data on the go, cloud storage is the way to ensure their data remains safe even in case their hard disk fails. There are countless options out there that let you do just that, but the cloud storage service we’ll be reviewing today differs by offering 100GB of cloud storage space for free, with paid plans available for even unlimited storage! The quintessential feature of SurDoc is to make automated cloud backups hassle-free, with a high focus on privacy using military-grade SSL encryption for your backups. Let’s learn more about it after the jump.
Free Online Cloud Storage _ Cloud Document Backup, Backup Software
SurDoc currently supports Windows, Mac and Android, though users can access their backed up files from any operating system via SurDoc’s web interface. Getting started is very simple; just download the application, launch it, and sign into your SurDoc account. If you’re a new user, you can quickly create an account by clicking the link in login window.
SurDoc Sign in
Almost all major online services these days offer you a way to sign up with your social media account so you don’t have to punch in details like email, name or password from scratch. SurDoc is no exception, and lets you sign up using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Outlook account. Once you’re done with the signup process, make sure to verify your account via the confirmation email. Now type your userID and password in the SurDoc app to get started.
Sign up
The Windows application I took for spin offered me many different options to play with. The backup process itself is pretty easy to configure, thanks to the tool’s extremely user-friendly design. In fact, if you have used any other cloud storage service, you will instantly find yourself at home.
You can choose to backup almost any type of file and folder irrespective of its format; documents, images, HTML files can all be backed up in a jiffy. Just make sure to place the files in a single folder and then select that folder to be backed up. You can also set filters to synchronize specific file types only, such as JPEG, PNG, DOC, WAV etc. using the Filter tab. In addition to the backup process, the procedure to restore your backed up files from the cloud to any computer is pretty easy as well.
2013-12-21 13_42_45-
The backed up items can be accessed from the web interface, which is optimized to run well on both desktop and mobile browsers. Though Android users have the additional option of using the service via its dedicated app.
SurDoc’s free account comes with 100GB cloud storage, while the paid subscription plans start at $2.50 per month for 100GB with some restrictions of the free account removed, or $8.33 per month for unlimited storage and all restrictions removed. More details are available at the website.
SurDoc Plans
In short, if you’re looking for a way to backup a large number of files to the cloud, SurDoc is a great option.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free Software to Capture Screenshot and Upload Online

ICUP (Image Capture and Upload Program) is free software to capture images and share them online. ICUP software lets you capture a screen area and upload it to Imm.io website. Also, I like that you can upload any of your images from your local storage as well, using the ICUP software.

You can also take the screenshots using the ICUP software and save them on your local storage in png format or upload them. I really like ICUP, because you are not required to register for anything. To share an image, all you have to do is drag and drop any of your image in ICUP interface and it will be automatically uploaded.

Another interesting feature I like is that, the URL of the uploaded images are saved in the interface. You can access the previously uploaded images any time right from the interface.

I have tested ICUP in Windows 7 and I was able to uploaded and share images very easily.

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Using ICUP to Capture and Share Images online.

ICUP is really simple to use and the user interface is very simple to understand. The user interface is accessible only from the system tray as ICUP runs quietly in the system tray.

In order to share images online, you can either take the screenshot of desired area using the hotkey F9 (by default) or you can simply drag and drop any of your image on the user interface and your image will be uploaded to the ICUP website. Note that you can use your mouse in order to select the area for the screenshot.

I really like that ICUP offers you to upload and share wide range of image formats that include:

There are some limitations using ICUP.
If an image is not viewed for 30 days, then it will be removed automatically from ICUP website.
If the image is larger than 1600 x 4000 size, then ICUP will scale it down to 1600×4000.
imm.io website, to which images are uploaded, limits maximum 50 images for upload per hour per IP.
Features of ICUP:
Very simple to use.
Option to upload wide range of image formats.
Works are screen capturing tool.
Share images online with anyone using the unique link (URL).
List of the uploaded images is saved in the user interface.
Option to change the hotkey.
Thumbnail Page View: In this option you can view your uploaded images in your browser in an interactive way.

You might want to try similar software MyImgur and ImageSnatcher.


ICUP is very simple to share images online. I really like the option to share the images with anyone using the URL of the image. However the option to preview the image in the user interface did not work for me. Overall, I like ICUP as it works both as screen capturing software and as an online image sharing tool.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LG G2 Review

LG announced it’s flagship phone the G2 in August 2013 to compete the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the Xperia phones. LG G2 is now available for purchase in most of the international markets and one of the few smartphones that comes with the Snapdragon 800 processor which is currently rated as the best processor for a smartphone. The G2 comes with a 5.2 inch IPS + LDC Full HD screen and 2GB RAM along with 32GB on board storage.
LG has added quite a few innovations with respect to the design of G2. With the best hardware and a 13MP camera with OIS, will LG G2 be able to match up with the competition? Lets find out how it fares with respect to design, hardware, camera, performance and battery life in this detailed review.
Before reviewing the phone aspects, lets have a quick look at the specs.

Specifications of LG G2:

Color- Black / White
CPU Speed- 2.26GHz Quad core
CPU Type- Snapdragon 800
Display- 1920×1080 Full HD IPS Display, 5.2″
Storage – 16GB/32GB
Network- CDMA (1x / EVDO Rev.A)2G (GSM / EDGE)3G (HSPA+42Mbps / HSPA+21Mbps)LTE (SVLTE, CSFB, CA, VoLTE, RCS, MIMO)
Dimensions- 138.5 (L) x 70.9 (W) x 8.9 (D)
Battery- 3,000mAh / Embedded Li-Polymer
Camera – 13MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), 8x Digital zoom, Sapphire Crystal Glass Lens, Multi-point AF (9 Points), Full HD 60fps Recording/Playback
Here is the video review of LG G2, if you want the text version, read on.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to design aspect, there are few things which make LG’s G2 stand out. One of the main features with respect to design is the position of power and volume buttons on the phone. The marketing for the LG G2 mentions the positioning of its on/off button as one of the highlights as it has been placed at the back and this is first on a smartphone.
Rather than placing the buttons on the sides like typical smartphones, LG has placed them below the camera and they claim that placing it in the back wont mess up with the volume keys while using the phone.
WP_20131207_21_02_36_Pro (2)
Apart from this, another good aspect of G2 is that LG has kept the bezel around the screen very less. LG has managed to cram a 5.2-inch screen, which measured as 65mm wide, into a chassis that’s just 70.9mm wide. The bezel along the long edges really is almost non-existent, and is surprisingly narrow at the top and bottom too. The top portion of the screen houses the speakers, sensors and a notification light. There is no hardware buttons, instead they are on-screen. There isn’t anything on the sides except for the SIM tray. At the bottom, you will find the dual speakers, 3.5 mm jack and also the microUSB cable slot.
At the back, you have the 13MP camera with LED flash and the power button + volume keys.
Overall the build quality and fit and finish of the product is really good. Even though it is made of plastics, it gives a premium feel and way better than what is found in Galaxy S4.


The display on G2 is 5.2 inch IPS LCD. The display itself is superb, with a full-HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels giving it a pixel density of 424ppi. The IPS panel has great colour rendering and excellent viewing angles. You won’t be able to find any faults with the display on the LG G2, you will love using it.
The brightness levels are also really good and you can easily switch to auto mode most of the time.


The camera on LG G2 is a 13MP shooter with LED flash. LG has also added Optical Image Stabilizer to the camera along with 8x digital zoom. There is also Full HD 60fps recording and playback. The camera on G2 is an extremely capable unit and the shot produced by G2 is really good. LG has employed a similar UI like the one found in Samsung’s phones and there are quite a lot of modes available.
While the shots taken during daytime are really good, the low light shots are decent although there is good amount of noise. It did produce good results with low light photography and was better than the Note 3, although it didn’t beat the Lumia 1020.
Here is the camera review of LG G2:
Similar to the Note 3, the camera interface is extremely fast and you can shoot pictures quickly without any lag.
Here is the daylight camera sample from LG G2:
Here are some sample images taken using the LG G2 camera.


The LG G2 is powered by a top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2GB of RAM. Our review sample had 32GB of internal storage, but no MicroSD slot for adding extra capacity. With the powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, performance is never an issue on G2. Screen transitions, web page renders, video playback and other tasks done were all fast and smooth. We’ve no complaints about this handset’s speed and there was absolutely no lag anywhere during our tests.
Screenshot_2013-12-08-20-20-57LG G2  (1)LG G2  (5)
G2 runs Android 4.2.2 and when you see Note 3 running Android 4.3, this is kind of disappointment. But since there is not much of a change with respect to 4.2.2 and 4.3, it is not felt. Similar to Samsung, LG also uses the custom UI and it feels smooth and comes with themes to customize the look and feel and icons.
There is also a search option to search the installed apps and widgets in the phone which is pretty handy.
The notification center is also has good implementation. You have almost all of useful features added to the notification section and it is also customizable. Apart from the quick access controls, you also have the brightness and phone volume controls in the notification section. There are quite a lot of options in the settings including gesture and one handed operations.
LG G2  (2)LG G2  (8)LG G2  (7)
One good feature about G2 is the on-screen buttons which are customizable. You can change the keys and their arrangement from the settings. There is also an additional guest mode if you want to give the phone to someone else with a restricted access.
LG G2  (3)LG G2  (4)
Similar to Note’3 multi window option, LG has a QSlide app. QSlide is an additional utility that sits in the notifications area and provides access to a range of pop-up apps that open on top of whatever you are doing at the time. These are resizable and include quite a lot of apps calculator and a note-taker, file manager, browser etc. You can only open two apps from the QSlide.
Here is a quick video demo of QSlide:
The LG’s version of Android has many good features, for example when you insert the headphones, you get 4 shortcuts which you can use with the headphones. There’s also an eye tracking system that pauses the video you are watching if you look away from the screen and keeps the screen awake while you’re looking at it.
LG has also added the double tap to wake up the screen feature so that people who are not getting used to the power button at the back can still easily use the device. The call quality and the speaker volume is pretty good on the device. Overall, the performance of LG G2 is really good and we don’t really find issues here.


The battery on LG G2 is a 3000 mAh non removable one and it is pretty good for a high end smartphone. The Note 3 comes with a 3200mAh battery, but the screen size of Note 3 is 5.2 inch while on LG G2 is only 5.2 inch. The 3000mAh battery performs really well on LG G2. If you are a power user, you should be easily able to get one day of battery power with G2 and if you are an average, you can pull out more than a day’s battery with the G2 which is good by smartphone standards and this could be one of the main reasons for you to choose G2 over other Android flagships.
Probably the only issue is that the battery is non-removable unlike the Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S4. On the whole, you won’t have complaints with G2 on the battery aspect.


LG has done an excellent job with the G2, its design and build quality. The battery life on the phone will be a big plus for many potential buyers. It packs the best hardware you can find on a smartphone with an excellent display and a good camera. Although the power button placement is a bit odd and takes time getting used to, but shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. G2 comes in both 16GB and 32GB storage option with no SD card support which is probably the only feature the G2 really lacks.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace (Windows To Go) Review

When Microsoft announced Windows 8, there was a new feature for corporate in the form ofWindows To Go. Windows To Go is a feature in Windows 8 Enterprise that allows Windows 8 Enterprise to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives. It is a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 environment. We had covered in detailabout Windows To Go and also how to create a Windows To Go drives. Windows To Go is your own fully manageable, corporate image installed on a bootable certified USB drive. It is a new feature of Windows 8.1 Enterprise available to customers with Software Assurance to help businesses address a wide range of mobility and travel light requirements.
There are many Microsoft certified Windows To Do drives and Kingston DataTraveler Workspace is one of them. We will have a review of this Windows To Go drive and see how it works and the performance.
Kingston’s DataTraveler Workspace is a Windows To Go, a portable, bootable version of Windows 8 that lets you use an IT certified operating system on one or many systems without having to install it. On the design and build quality aspect, the DataTraveler Workspace looks like any other high-capacity flash drive, with a USB 3.0 connector and a chunky, rugged design similar to other Kingston drives. The drive has a great quality build and feels solid. There is also a lanyard loop for the drive, letting you attach it to a lanyard or keychain and it also comes with a lanyard included.
The drive we tested is the 32GB one, but there is also 64GB variant along with 128GB available on custom ordering. Remove the cap and you can see the USB 3.0 drive which incorporates SSD controller technology to produce a high-performance, low-latency drive. It’s also secure, offering support for BitLocker encryption and Trusted Boot anti-malware and boot protection software. Since the OS works from a USB drive, there is also added protection in case you remove it accidently. Kingston offers 60 sec protection which means you can insert back the drive before this time and still get all the files without losing them.
To use the simply insert to the USB drive and restart your PC and then select the boot option as Kingston drive. When you are first using it, the drive will configure Windows 8 for few minutes and then you are ready to use it. The drive we got was 32GB and there was around GB of space available for installing apps. In case you want more storage, you need to connect external hard drives. The hard disk on your PC will not be accessible. You can install apps like Office on to the drive with the remaining space, but Windows Store is not available for Windows To Go users.
Even though it is USB 3.0 drive, it works well on USB 2.0 as well.
Here is a video review and demo of Kingston DataTraveler Workspace.
Specifications of the drive:
  • Capacities:  32GB, 64GB, 128GB* (*build to order)
  • Speed
    • Max Sequential Read/Write speed: 250/250MB/s
    • Sustained Random 4k Read/Write: 3,750/9,800 IOPS
    • PCMARK Vantage HHD Suite score: 22,250
  • Supports TRIM and SMART commands
  • Dimensions 75.29 x 22.98 x 16.44mm
  • Operating temperature 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
  • Storage temperature -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)


Kingston’s DataTraveler Workspace is a extremely efficient Windows To Go drive which comes with Windows 8 built in and you can start using Windows 8 in just 5 minutes. The design is good and so is the build quality, but since the width of the drive is large, you might block nearby USB slots when this is in use. Overall, Kingston’s DataTraveller is totally worth the price if you want to have the power of Windows 8 on an USB drive.

Find the Right Flash Storage Capacity that’s Right for your Computer, Camera and Mobile

Flash drives as we all know are available as USB sticks, camera memory and mobile memory cards to store, transfer and backup digital files from host devices like computers, cameras and mobile phones. It is possible to store beyond 1TB (around 1000+ GB) data on a flash drive. But before determining what storage space we need for our camera, mobile memory card or for that matter a USB stick, it is important to decide what kind of data will be stored on it and its core application.
The following tables, shared by Kingston Technology on its community site gives a understanding of how much storage is needed for storing your photos, videos and data files.
Storage sizes photos
Storage sizes videos
Storage usage
Some definitions that can help you understand above mentioned tables clearly
  • Mbps = Megabits per second
  • GB = Gigabytes
  • .MKV = Matroska Media Container
  • .MP4 = MPEG-4 Media container)
* Some of the listed capacity on a Flash storage device is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage. As such, the actual available capacity for data storage is less than what is listed on the product.
** Approximate number of JPEG (compressed file) pictures. JPEG file sizes vary based upon camera model and internal file size and compression settings, as well as user-selected resolution and compression mode settings. In addition, JPEG compression will result in different file sizes based upon picture complexity. Some host devices may not support all of the Flash storage capacities listed. Consult your device’s owner’s manual for supported capacities.
*** Actual recording time will vary based upon camera model, selected resolution, compression settings and the content being recorded. Some host devices may not support all of the Flash storage capacities listed. Consult your device’s owner’s manual for supported capacities.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Manage Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box.net at Single Location with MultCloud

Cloud storage services are now getting more and more popular as they have the ability to sync files across devices which are connected to the Internet. This way you can get hold of the files on any devices anywhere across the world. There are many free cloud storage services like Dropbox,Google Drive, Box.net, SkyDrive etc. Most of these offer few GB of online storage for free. Most of us have multiple accounts across these cloud storage and the biggest pain is probably accessing these storage spaces independently.
If you use multiple cloud storage services and want to access all of them in a single interface, thenMultCloud is your answer. MultCloud will help you do the centralized management with all your cloud drives. It supports almost all the popular cloud services including Dropbox, Google drive, Box.net, SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive,SugarSync.
You need to create an account with the service to start using it. As you can see from the interface, you can add these services once you have verified your account. You can also add multiple accounts for the same service, supposing that you have registered two accounts in Dropbox,it can supervise all the files of both accounts simultaneously.
It can copy a file form one cloud to another, the file transfer function among multiple cloud drives. For Example, through MuitCloud, you can directly copy or cut the files in Google Drive to SkyDrive, and this process will be accomplished online without the need of downloading to local PC. MultCloud will allow you to share files from cloud drives with others, even with a specific person easily and safely.
MultCloud says that it uses 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL in data transfer and does not save the passwords of any of the service to connect with it.
The web app also has a viewer included, so all the common types of documents,like .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc, and also images can be viewed online.
Overall, the service looks pretty good and it is completely free of cost.

Boxie is a Beautiful Dropbox Client for iOS

Dropbox need no introduction as it is one of the most popular cloud storage service available across multiple mobile and desktop platforms. Dropbox also has a good Dropbox app for iOS, but if you want to get a better interface for your Dropbox on iOS, then you should be installing the Boxie app. Boxie is a new Dropbox client for iPhone, which enhances and prettifies your whole Dropbox experience. As of now Boxie is available only on iPhone, but they are working on an iPad version as well.

There are quite a lot of functions in the app which makes it better than the default app for Dropbox on iPhone. You can make you files available offline and access them even if you do not have an internet connection. There is also drag and drop sorting of folders.

In case you delete any folder or file, you can always go to the deleted folder and restore it from there.

Feature of Boxie:
Navigate quickly across folders
Drag and drop to move an item in a folder
Use contextual options to share, copy, delete, rename, move, paste items, with undoable actions
Save bookmarks: fast shortcuts for files and folders which can be accessed from a dedicated section
Store offline files to access them even when your internet connection is not available
See a list of revisions for files and restore previous versions
You can receive in-app and background notifications for file system events: additions, modifications, deletions;
See the list of deleted files in a folder, and restore them;
Upload files to Dropbox by sending them to Boxie from other apps;
Transfer files and folders to other Boxie users using a sharable custom URL scheme link;
View images in an enhanced image gallery with animated GIF support;
Listen to audio files and watch videos using a beautifully crafted audio and video player.

Boxie is a free app, but for unlocking all the features, you need to have the in-app purchase for pro version. You can download it on your iPhone from the App Store.

5 Best Antivirus and Anti-Malware Apps for Android

Android’s rise to the most popular OS has happened in the past few years and it is the market leader when it comes to smartphones. But Android’s rise has also created one of the biggest threats to mobile industry in the form of malwares, viruses and more. In Q3 2013, out of the 259 total mobile threat families and variants that have been detected across the popular mobile OS’s, a shocking 252 of them being found on Android. That is one of the major issues with Android.

Out of the total number of threats, 67% accounted to malwares and rest from PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), which include undesirable or unwanted functionality, or inadvertently introduce security risks to your Android phones and tablets. So you need to make sure that your device is not under the attack of malwares and other threats and apps. One of the best ways to protect is to install apps only from Play Store and not to install third party apps. Apart from this, you can also use a good anti virus tool for Android which offers protection for your device from all the latest threats. It is very similar to Windows where you get real time protection from viruses and threats.

Img Source: Shutterstock

Here is a list of popular and best free antivirus and anti malware tools for Android phones and tablets.
1. 360 Mobile Security:

360 Mobile Security is a top of the line mobile security app designed to protect your Android phone against the latest viruses, malware, system vulnerabilities and privacy risks. It also cleans up idle apps running in the background and speeds up your Android phone. 360 Mobile Security is lightweight, agile and ad-free and with just one click you’ll get the most advanced security features.

The app features real time protection against threats on your Android device.

Download @
Google Play
360 Mobile Security- Antivirus
Developer: Qihu 360 Software Co., LTD(QIHU)
Price: Free

2. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus:

Avast antivirus needs no mention as it is one of the best free antivirus on Windows. Avast Mobile Security app protects your device from both antivirus and anti-theft. It keeps your device safe from viruses, malware, and spyware and helps you locate your lost phone through web-based phone locate feature. You can also do remote device lock and/or memory wipe in its advanced Anti-Theft component keep your data safe. There is also handy tools like network meter, app manager, and even firewall (on rooted phones) give you complete control of your mobile phone.

The antivirus engine can scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically upon first use. You can also schedule automatic scans for when you sleep. Includes SMS/file scanning, for complete mobile security.

Download @
Google Play
Mobile Security & Antivirus
Developer: AVAST Software
Price: Free

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus:

Lookout Security & Antivirus offers essential protection to your phone and tablet against malware, viruses, loss and theft. The app offers continuous, over-the-air protection from viruses, malware, adware and spywares. There is also security for theft and removing data in case the phone in not able to be traced. Lookout is one of the popular security apps on Android.

Download @
Google Play
Lookout Security & Antivirus
Developer: Lookout Mobile Security
Price: Free

4. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security:

TrustGo protects your phone from most dangerous malware and viruses and apps that can steal your personal privacy, identity and data from your phone or tablet. In addition, TrustGo offers the “Find My Phone” features including remote location, lock, alarm and “Candid Camera” thief ID (via email), system tools and web browsing security.

TrustGo detects and removes all the latest malicious apps and viruses, and is the only security app that protects your privacy and data from High Risk apps that others miss.

Download @
Google Play
Antivirus & Mobile Security
Developer: TrustGo Inc.
Price: Free

5. Comodo Antivirus Free:

COMODO Mobile Security provides real-time protection against known and emerging threats on your mobile device while helping to protect your privacy and keep your system optimized. The app combines a mobile-optimized antivirus scanner with a mobile security manager to safeguard you against viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings on your phone or tablet. You can filter out annoying calls and text messages by configuring white and black contact lists or simply block messages by certain keywords.