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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Computer Tweaker is a Full Fledged Control Panel for Windows

When it comes to changing settings on your Windows, the one best place is your Control panel. But there are many options which are not available in Control Panel, but you have to open the specific settings from Explorer or using the registry editor. If you are looking to manage and change your computer settings from one panel, then you should try out My Computer Tweaker. It is a a freeware tool for Windows which provides you with access to hundreds of settings from one single page.
There aren’t anything new here as these settings are available already in Windows, but what makes this simple portable tool useful is that all these available at one place.
Computer panel
The list is huge and you can scroll down to see the complete list. Most of these changes will work without rebooting Windows as mentioned by the developer.
control Panel
My Computer Tweaker is really an useful tool to chaneg settings quickly from a single panel instead of searching them in the Control panel or registry editor.
Download My Computer Tweaker

Sun Is A Weather Web App for iOS With Detailed Forecast & Colorful UI

Many people favor minimalistic apps for simple tasks over those that seem to include everything but the kitchen sink, and no genre is coming up with more apps in this style than weather. Just a few days ago we covered the Sky app for iOS, and now there is a worthy competitor for it out for iPhone users. This new release matches Sky in its conciseness for the choice of name, and surpasses it in most areas of functionality. Sun is just an iOS-optimized web app, rather than a new entry in the App Store, but it is good enough to give any native app a run for its money in terms of smoothness and interface. There some striking similarities between Sky and Sun when it comes to the interface, but Sun offers a lot more than the former. For starters, Sun features a very thorough weather forecast in form of a graph. The app is highly customizable in terms of background colors and the choice of units, and its chameleon-like Home screen icon displays the current temperature as well!

Sun iOS Home Sun iOS Graph Sun iOS Menu
Apart from your current location, Sun is capable of displaying weather stats from three other cities. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, since you will have to pin the app to your Home screen before being able to do much with it. To do this, visit http://pattern.dk/sun/ in Safari on your device, wait for the page to load completely and select the ‘Add to Home screen’ option from the page’s sharing menu.
Sun requires access to your current location in order to function properly, since it’s first screen always shows the weather of the city you are currently in. There are three random cities added in the available slots by default, but you can replace them with locations of your choice. To add a new city to Sun, tap the small icon in the top-right corner and type the names of the places you want to see in the app’s list. Other options in the same menu let you select units for temperature and wind speed. Unlike Sky, Sun allows you to choose the color scheme of your choice for the app. To change the color scheme, just swipe across the bars provided in the settings list and then select the one you like.
The main page of any city in Sun just shows a graphical representation of the current conditions along with the temperature. To view more details, double-tap the weather icon. The weather graph shows the temperature trend expected for the next 10 days, and tapping a day’s entry shows you hour-by-hour weather details for that day.
Sun is a great web app with the potential to beat any weather app available for iOS in the App Store. You won’t have to download anything, so there is no need to pay for using this amazingly gorgeous web app. Give it a try right away, and you’ll likely find yourself replacing your current weather app with it shortly.

AccountKiller Helps You Easily Delete Accounts On Web Services

Almost all online services out there require you to register an account with them before you can start using them.These accounts often hold a lot of information on you, including your name, email address, gender, phone number, address etc., with some services such as Steam also containing your financial information such as a credit card details. If you decide to stop using a service, you no longer need an account on it. While some websites provide you an easy method for deleting your account all your personal data stored on the service, there are some that take you through a long journey of finding the appropriate links, visiting multiple pages, filling forms and what not before you are able to delete your account. There are also some services such as Skype and eBuddy that do not let you delete the account at all. Since each service has its own set of rules and instructions for deleting an account, it is impossible to follow a general process for the purpose. AccountKiller is a web service that contains instructions on deleting accounts from a large number of web services. Other than these instructions, it also lists direct links for deleting accounts, wherever available.

The homepage of AccountKiller groups web services into three categories according to the amount of effort required by the users to delete their account from them. The White category contains the services that offer a very easy way for their users to delete their accounts, requiring just one or two clicks. Some of the famous services in the White list are Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Google. The second category is Grey, containing services that allow users to delete their account, but require following a cumbersome procedure for the purpose like emailing the developer or going through some advanced method to get their account deleted. Black is the last category and comprises of services that do not allow you to delete your account at all, such as Skype and eBuddy.
AccountKiller Main
You can select any of the sites from the list to view complete set of instructions on deleting your account from them. Whenever available, a direct link will also be provided for deleting the account.
AccountKiller Delete Account
If you don’t see the name of the required service on the main page, you can search for it using the search bar. Just start typing its name, and all matching services with account deletion instructions will start appearing.
AccountKiller Search
Under each individual service, users can post comments about whether it should belong to a particular category or not, and also point out any mistakes in the provided instructions.
AccountKiller Comments
AccountKiller is a brilliant idea, and it takes a lot of hassle away from the process of finding the exact way of deleting deleting all your redundant accounts on web services.
Visit AccountKiller
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Highlight Played & Queued Songs In Turntable.fm Playlists [Chrome]

Turntable.fm is a great service for listening to music with friends, or music that other people have picked out. You can listen passively or actively by creating a playlist for a room. If you enjoy the service and actively participate in its music rooms, TT QueueLights is a Chrome extension you might like. It highlights the playback progress for songs currently in your queue as they finish playing. The extension isn’t meant for passive listeners but for those who DJ in rooms often, it can be a helpful tool to keep track of songs and manage the queue itself.
TT QueueLights integrates in Turntable.fm’s interface. Just search for songs and create lists like you normally would on the website and start playing a song. With no song having been played, the song information appears over a white background. As a song begins to play, the information bar slowly turns blue to indicate playback progress. This is in Preview mode. Once you click ‘Play Music’ on the Turntable stage, all songs by the same artist turn green, the currently playing song turn red and as it plays, its played section turns blue, indicating playback progress. Red indicates the last 30 songs that been played, while orange indicates all songs that have been played.

TT QueueLights
That’s really all there is to how the extension works. It has no options to manage, though it does what it’s supposed to very well. The developer might consider allowing users to customize the colors that indicate the playback status of a song. It’s a trivial feature but it can prove to be useful and can add a personalized touch. Additionally there should be way to reset the playback status.
Songs can be played out of order if you like, so it might be a good idea if the user could mark the song with any color except for the ones that indicate playback. It would help in managing the queue better and also in grouping similar songs within the queue. In addition to the small customization options suggested above, it would be a great idea if a user could tell how many times a song from the same artist had been played in an hour, or just how may times it has been played, since Turntable.fm does not offer this feature by itself.
To sum it up, TT QueueLights is a must have if you are an active Turntable.fm user and want to add a more visual touch to your playlists.
Install TT QueueLights From Chrome Web Store

Vinson Is A White-Label Mobile TV App For iOS With VOD & Live Channels

There are many iOS apps that are popular mainly for their interface, like Any.DO and Clear. On the other hand, some apps are based on a very good concept, but lack any finesse in their looks. Vinson is a new release on the App Store that might not be the most practical app around, but it deserves a lot of acclaim just for its interface and concept. Vinson is a white label mobile TV solution aimed at iPhone and iPad users, letting them stream live TV channels and on-demand videos in a neat UI. The app comes with a touch of social media integration, allowing you to share your favorite moments of any TV show with your friends. To cap it all off, you can jump to any point in time in a Video, thanks to the app’s amazingly detailed navigation options.

Vinson iPad
Vinson starts with a few basic instructions when you launch it for the first time, but the app isn’t too complicated and no one should have much difficulty in mastering its usage. On the iPad, simply swipe to the right of the screen and select the channel of your choice. For now there are only a few trailers and Creative Commons videos in Vinson, but since the main idea is to popularize the app’s concept, this can only be expected for now. In addition to browsing through channel and program lists, users can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find particular shows.
The show that is being broadcast live on a channel begins streaming automatically when you select a channel, but thanks to the channel guide, it is possible to jump to past programs as well. To read about a show, or its current episode, tap the small arrow icon next to its name. This can help users decide the videos they want to stream.
Vinson iOS VOD Vinson iOS Settings
Apart from live TV channels, Vinson also offers ‘Video On Demand’. Swipe to the left of the screen to see a list of all available videos. From the settings menu, it is possible to enable AirPlay and HDMI mirroring. There is also an option to choose the ‘TV Overscan’ percentage.
Vinson iOS Options Vinson iOS Twitter
Last but certainly not the least, we come to Vinson’s integrated video player. Thanks to the bottom bar, you can quickly switch to an upcoming or past spot in the clip. The available options let you share a particular part of the video with your Twitter and Facebook networks. Tap the location icon to look for people near you if you want to share your opinion regarding the show with them.
All the videos we checked out in Vinson had subtitles in some foreign languages, and we couldn’t find a way to turn these off. Having said that, one has to make some allowances for a new app that offers such a unique concept, specially considering the fact that it is a white label solution, with the potential of going really big whenever a popular TV channel notices it. You can grab this free, universal app by heading to the link provided below.
Download Vinson For iOS

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How To Get The Windows 7 Look & Feel On Your Windows 8 PC

Change has always been hard for most people to accept; they generally want things to keep running in a set pattern that they are used to, and any deviation from their regular practices can cause them a lot of panic. That is exactly what happened with Windows 8. With such a huge shift from the conventional Windows UI, Microsoft managed to displease a lot of people, including some critics as well as a significant user base. However, as people came out of the initial effects of the shock, a lot of them decided to stick with Windows 7 for now,  some decided to try and adapt to the new system, and the more tech-savvy lot with the knowledge of coding started writing programs to bring the old Windows 7 interface back in Windows 8. As a result, different tools surfaced, promising to bring back the Windows 7 UI to Windows 8 either by installing the missing features, or by disabling the new Windows 8-specific ones. If you are among those looking to transform your Windows 8 to Windows 7 in terms of the interface, here is a list of some of the best tools out there that can help you achieve that.

Start Screen Modifiers

Since the release of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, a lot of developers have created their own version of the Windows 7 Start Menu for filling the void created by the Windows 8 Start Screen. Each of these tools performs the basic function of bringing back the Start Menu, while providing users with different sets of advanced features, ranging from the ability to completely block Windows 8 features such as the Charms Bar, Switch List, and Start Screen, to allowing the use of both Start Screen and Start Menu at the same time, letting you make the most of every new and old feature. From the huge number of Start Menu replacements available on the internet, Waqas managed to compile a list and compare the best ones, so make sure to check it out and don’t forget to leave your comments about the one you like to use and why.

Skip Metro Suite

If you are not too bothered by the Windows 8 UI – or even like it for that matter – but find the Hot Corners annoying, Skip Metro Suite is your solution. The problem with Hot Corners is that they are active across the entire OS, be it the Start Screen, the Desktop, or any x86 or Windows Store application. So, whenever you take your mouse to the corners, out comes the Switch List from the left side or the Charms bar from the right, taking away your attention from the task at hand. To avoid it, you have to be careful every time you go anywhere near any of the corners of your screen, and that can be pretty annoying. Skip Metro Suite allows you to individually disable each of the four Hot Corners on your screen as well as the Drag-to-Close feature (grabbing a Modern UI app from the top-middle side and dragging it down to close it), and Skip the Start Screen on system start, taking you directly to the Desktop.

Aero Glass for Win8

Another feature greatly missed in Windows 8 is the famous Aero Glass effect of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Aero Glass theme makes window borders, taskbar and the Start Menu transparent, giving you a glance through them at what’s behind the active window. Moreover, the blurred effect combined with the intricate shading gives a very beautiful perception of the window being under real light. The reason for ditching this famous feature for a much blander solid-border theme has been speculated and stated as the greater memory and processing power requirement of Aero Glass, especially with a large number of windows open. However, for those who just don’t want to let it go, Aero Glass for Windows 8 aims to bring it back to Windows 8. After testing out a lot of failed and semi-successful tools and methods developed for the purpose, we found Aero Glass for Win 8 to be closest to the real deal. Here is a detailed post on how to get the Aero Glass effect in Windows 8 using Aero Glass for Win8.


The purpose of this tool is not to merely add a Start Orb to your taskbar or skip the Start Screen, nor does it just disable the Charms Bar or the Switch List. In fact, it does all these things and then some. Ex7forW8 is a complete explorer shell replacement utility for Windows 8 that allows you to run the Windows 7 explorer shell itself in Windows 8. As a result, it disables all the Windows 8 Modern UI elements and brings back nearly all the features of the Windows 7 UI including the Start Menu and Desktop in their own original form. Every Modern UI element such as the Charms Bar, Switch List, and even the Modern UI apps will be disabled by default, though there is also the option to use the shell without disabling the Modern UI features. Sadly, the tool does not bring back Aero Glass border transparency on its own, but with a little help from another tool known as AGTweaker, even that can be achieved.

Classic Start Menu For Windows RT

If you have come this far, you might have noticed that all the aforementioned tools and method are x86-based and thus, only applicable to Windows 8. Windows RT does not allow execution of third-party EXE files due to the different architecture of its ARM processor and restrictions by Microsoft to prevent users from running third-party apps that haven’t been installed through the Windows Store. However, this does not mean that the users of Windows RT are stuck with the Start Screen forever. After an exploit was discovered that allows you to jailbreak your Windows RT tablet, several x86-based tools were ported to run on jailbroken RT tablets, one of them being Classic Start Menu that allows you to bring back the Start Menu and disable the Start Screen on Windows RT.
That should do it – using these tools, anyone can easily change the user interface of Windows 8 to make it look and feel as close to Windows 7 as possible.

xCloud Syncs Files Between PC, Mac, Android & iOS Over Cloud & WiFi

Dropbox was once considered the cutting edge of cloud services, but now it seems every other company in the tech industry is hopping on the cloud computing bandwagon. The latest entrant in this field xCloud. No, it’s not another cloud storage solution with unlimited storage, but rather a files synchronization app that lets you sync your files between a desktop PC and an Android or iOS mobile device. Though, what’s special about the service is that you can perform syncing over your local Wi-Fi network as well, bypassing the need to upload files to the cloud first. So basically your PC itself works as a cloud storage for you, letting you access the stored content from anywhere you find internet connectivity. In addition, you can send Wake On LAN commands through the mobile device to access the storage remotely if your PC is in sleep mode, provided your motherboard supports this option. It’s dead simple to configure and even simpler to use.The desktop client is only available for Windows at the moment, with the Mac OS X variant already in the pipeline. To get started, download and install the application on your desktop machine. When you launch it for the first time, you’ll be presented with a configuration wizard. Specify your destination drive and click Next to continue.

It’s great to see that xCloud lets you specify multiple directories for syncing at the same time, making it easier to sync files from multiple disk drives and folders.
xCloud_sharing directory
You’ll also require an xCloud account if you want to sync files remotely over the internet. To sign up for an account, just click Register in the login panel and enter the few required credentials. Once you have verified your account through email, input your email and password in the login panel to sign in.
The desktop client is quite minimal in terms of the UI, but that’s a good thing as it keeps away any clutter. You can configure a few application-specific settings from the preferences window under Account, Shared, Transmission and Advanced tabs. You can sign out your account, specify a default folder, toggle application start up behavior, and tinker with a few other generic options.
xCloud automatically creates some predefined directories in the selected folder, enabling you to quickly manage your items under Files, Music, Photos and Videos. Though you can also create custom folders as well if you wish.
Next up, you’ll need to download the mobile app to your device. Both Android and iOS apps work pretty much in a similar fashion, with the same set of features, settings and functionality. Even their design is fairly the same. The mobile app contains Windows 8-style tiles that let you navigate to different areas of xCloud. The Instant Uploads feature launches the camera app to instantly capture and upload photos. You can access photos, videos, music, and other files stored on your device from their related buttons. Tapping ‘Switch to PC’ allows to connect and browse files on your PC after entering your login information.
xCloud_Android xCloud_Android_Login
After establishing a successful remote connection, xCloud’s screen turns green and you are able to switch between PC and Phone modes on the fly. In this mode, you can browse, view, upload, download and delete files at both ends.
xCloud_Android_PC xCloud_Android_upload
xCloud also boasts an interesting direct link feature that allows to transfer files over your local Wi-Fi network. This makes file synching incredibly fast. To do this, right-click the application’s notification icon and select the ‘WiFi Direct-link’ option from the context menu.
When a miniscule popup window appears, click the Startup button.
xCloud_Wifi Direct
Now just head to the Settings screen in the mobile app and tap the same Wifi-Direct Link button to connect your devices. That’s it – you’re ready to sync your content over Wi-Fi. The Settings screen also lets you manage your linked devices and toggle some other options. Lastly, there’s an xCloud Neighbor feature that allows to scan all nearby xCloud devices and transfer files among them.
xCloud_Android_Wifi Direct
All in all, xCloud is a handy file synchronizing application that makes file transfers across devices a smooth experience. Testing of the app was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit and HTC Desire Z running Android 4.0.4.
Download xCloud

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Tibi’s Mathematics Suite Combines Scientific, Graphical, Matrix & Factorization Calculators

Some love it, most hate it and many have tried their level best to avoid it at school, but Mathematics is everywhere all around us, and there’s no escape from it in any field. Every element of the world is either based on or in some way related to numbers and mathematical calculations. Behind every piece of technology including your computer and smartphone, there are millions of calculations going on every second. While these complex, automatic calculations are handled by computers, there are many that are still needed to be done by humans, in order to create those machines. A calculator is one particular device that has helped almost everyone at some point in their lives, allowing them to perform complex calculations in a few seconds. Windows has its own calculator with basic arithmetic and scientific calculations, but it doesn’t quite cut it for more complicated ones. Tibi’s Mathematics Suite is a portable open-source application featuring a Scientific calculator, Graphical calculator, Matrix calculator and Factorizator, each with its own feature set to let you to perform complex calculations with ease.Just download and run the application once, and its icon will be added to the system tray, giving you quick access to each of its component of the application, as well as the Help and Settings section.
Tibi's Mathematical Suite System Tray

The Help menu lists all the features of the package and contains instructions on the usage, syntax and other elements of each type of calculator included.
The Settings window allows you to specify a different hotkey to quickly access each of the 4 calculators, and the help menu. To specify the hotkeys, select the calculator type from the list, click the Shortcut field, press the preferred hotkey combination and click Set.
Suite settings
Let’s take a look at the included calculators now, starting with the Scientific Calculator. The Scientific Calculator boasts a well-designed UI with the color-coded buttons organized in a way to keep related ones together. It features all the operations you would expect from any scientific calculator, including basic arithmetic operations, trigonometric and logarithmic operations, exponents and factorials, to name a few. The output is presented in a beautiful display designed to emulate the color LED display found in some expensive scientific calculators.
The Graphing Calculator lets you plot graphs for several basic as well as complex mathematical expressions. You can combine multiple graphs, specify custom range for the X and Y axis, pan to any region of the graph, and zoom in &out.
Graphing Calculator
As the name suggests, the Matrix Calculator allows you to perform operations on matrices. You can create two matrices with variable rows and columns, and perform several basic and advanced operations on them from the listed options. The output is generated instantly upon selecting the operation.
Matrix calculator
Lastly, the Factorizator allows lets you factorize any number with the click of a button. It shows you both the remainders and the divisors in separate columns, organized in the same way you used to do factorization by hand in school.
Tibi’s Mathematical Suite works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Download Tibi’s Mathematical Suite
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AssistantEnhancer Adds Loads Of New Siri Commands To Your iPhone

In the past, a lot of Cydia tweaks have claimed to take Siri to the next level, but the addition of just one or two features is rarely enough to call it the next level. For AssistantEnhancer, however, the title of a steroid injection for Siri might be justified. The tweak offers more new features for Siri than Apple added to the talking personal assistant in iOS 6. The main focus of AssistantEnhancer is to enrich Siri with music controls for apps like Pandora and Spotify, but the other options it offers are equally important as well. Thanks to this tweak, you can view system information, make Siri bookmark your present location with a single verbal command, and ask it to perform searches within the App Store, or for particular images. There’s a lot more that AssistantEnhancer can do, so keep reading for details.

AssistantEnhancer iOS Settings AssistantEnhancer iOS Spotify
AssistantEnhancer adds a new menu of its own to the stock Settings app, but most of its options get integrated with Siri automatically without requiring any configuration. In the tweak’s menu, you get to define the phone number that Siri should dial in an emergency. By default, Apple doesn’t allow Siri to dial 911, but AssistantEnhancer lets you bypass this rule with ease.
The next option is to toggle on the ‘Local Events’ feature. Through this option, Siri gains the ability to look for concerts and other events taking place in your area (much like Google Now). To add some more convenience to your life, AssistantEnhancer offers the ‘Popular Website Shortcuts’ toggle that makes Siri launch well-known websites by merely speaking their common name.
AssistantEnhancer supports Spotify, Pandora and GrooveShark in addition to the stock iOS Music app. Once you have configured your accounts in the tweak’s settings, Siri can launch certain songs or playlists from these apps, let you navigate to different radio stations in Pandora, or even listen to a particular genre of music simply by requesting Siri to “play <playlist/station name>” or “play the top song from my playlist”.
AssistantEnhancer iOS Battery AssistantEnhancer iOS App AssistantEnhancer iOS Image
The developer page of AssistantEnhancer in Cydia provides a complete description of the kind of commands the tweak can handle. You can say things like “Search Google for AddictiveTips”, or performing a voice search query within the App Store, Amazon, eBay or Urban Dictionary to find relevant content there. You can’t do a lot of system-level stuff with the tweak, apart from asking for the exact battery percentage and your device’s memory. You can, however, ask Siri to free your device’s memory and it will do that. An interesting feature of AssistantEnhancer is its ability to show an image related to any term. Simply say “Show me a picture of” followed by your query, and the image is displayed within the Siri interface.
Another great feature is the tweak’s ability to bookmark locations. Whenever you are at a location that you don’t want to forget in the future, say “Remember where I parked, Siri”, and you will never forget the location where you parked your car in a busy parking lot.
Despite all its awesomeness, the tweak suffers from a few minor bugs as well. During our testing, a few commands caused the device to respring. AssistantEnhancer is based on the AssistantExtensions platform, and the developer warns users to toggle off the ‘SBToggles’ and ‘Standard’ options before using Siri after the tweak’s installation.
AssistantEnhancer is available in the BigBoss repo of Cydia Store for $1.99, but the price tag is completely justified when you look at the kind of functionalities that are on offer, making it worth a purchase for everyone with a Siri-enabled device on iOS 5 or iOS 6.