Monday, April 8, 2013

Kahootz: Create, Share & Follow Calendars; Import Facebook & Google Events

Birthdays are normally the only events that I find hard to remember; for everything else, there are post-it notes or reminders set on my phone. The easiest way to remember birthdays is, of course, Facebook. The other important events in my life I commit to memory, and hope I don’t forget any one of them. This approach won’t work for everyone and, on occasion, it fails me too. Kahootz is the first web app ever to compel me to use an online calendar for tracking all my important events. It imports events from both Google Calendar and Facebook, and allows you to create calendars as well as events. You can invite people to your events, and follow the calendars they’ve created. Kahootz gives you the option to add reminders to your events and create as many calendars as you want. Events and calendars can be either public or private.
You can sign up for Kahootz using either Facebook, your Google account, or any other email address.

Kahootz - Sign Up
Once your account is set up, you can import events from Google Calendar and Facebook. Sadly, Kahootz does not support iCloud calendars.
Kahootz import
Kahootz gives you several different views for your events. The ‘My Schedule’ tab lets you view the calendar for the current and upcoming month with the events highlighted, while the ‘Events’ tab lets you view upcoming events only. When you move your mouse over the day of the event, Kahootz tells you how many days are left until that event. The ‘Calendars’ tab lets you view calendars individually; Google Calendar, Facebook Events, and Facebook Birthdays all appear as separate calendars. You can always add more calendars and invite other users to follow them.
Kahootz - Events
To add a new event, go to the ‘New Event’ tab in the left column. Choose the calendar you want to add the event to from the ‘Change Calendar’ option above your profile picture. Add a name, description, time, date, frequency, location, and URL to it. Set a reminder if you like, and assign a category to the event. Finally, make it either public or private, mark if you’re attending it, and save it. The calendar can be edited any time, and shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
Kahootz create event
Now, if you’re wondering what’s the big deal with Kahootz that makes it so impressive, I attribute it to the ‘Events’ view that gives me a quick look at my upcoming events without anything extra, and to the calendar following feature. Imagine you routinely forget air dates for a show, a major game, or any other such event. Companies and organizations can create events for them, and users can follow them to stay up-to-date with their schedules. It’s use is not limited to media or sporting events; Kahootz lets one person create a calendar and any number of people follow it.
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