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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Add Advanced Power Menu To Your Android Phone

Android custom ROM users have been familiar with the advanced power menu. Instead of justPower off option, it brings additional options such as Reboot, Soft-reboot, Reboot to recovery, Reboot to bootloader and Screenshot options to the menu. Stock ROMs does not have an Advanced Power menu, instead you need to use some key combinations.

Here is how to bring advanced power menu to your phone that is running on stock ROM. These options are essential for carrying out various tasks on your phone, for instance, to backup/restore/flash ROM, kernel, and system files, wipe data, make a factory reset, and more.

You can bring advanced power menu to your phone using Xposed Framework module called Advanced Power Menu. This module extends the power menu by including reboot, soft reboot, reboot to recovery and screenshot option and few other options.

The module has also brings an anti-theft protection that prevents thieves from turning on airplane mode. It makes the phone harder to track.

Originally designed for Sony Xperia devices, it works with almost all phones running on AOSP ROM, but it will not work with Samsung devices running TouchWiz.

Installation Instruction:

To use Advanced Power Menu you need your device to be rooted and for Xposed Framework to be installed (read here to know how to install and use Xposed Framework)

Once Xposed Framework is installed, go to module and download, install and activate the module from the list of modules, then reboot your phone. (source)

Create Shortcut to Show/Hide hidden files in Mac OS X

Unlike Windows, Mac OS X doesn’t offers a GUI based option to show or hide hidden files and folders in Finder. Hence, you need to manually input the commands via Terminal to do this task which isn’t convenient for most users. To make it easier, you can simply make an executable script to perform the necessary commands and easily toggle between the show/hide files option on your Mac.

For those unaware, you can make any file or folder hidden in OS X by renaming it and placing a period (.) in front of its name. This will make that file/folder invisible in the Finder.

Creating a Shortcut to Show/Hide Invisible Files on Mac OS X -

Search for “AppleScript Editor” from the top right corner of screen and open the app. Copy the script below and paste it in the editor as shown.

display dialog "Show all files" buttons {"TRUE", "FALSE"}
set result to button returned of result
if result is equal to "TRUE" then
do shell script "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true"
do shell script "defaults delete com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles"
end if
do shell script "killall Finder"

Then click on ‘Compile’ button, choose File > Save As and give it a name. Make sure to select ‘Application’ as the file format and Save.

Run the shortcut and it will ask to ‘Show all files’. Click True to show hidden files and False to hide the hidden files in just a click right from your desktop.

Source: Stack Overflow

Play this Windows 8 Maze Game: Cat Maze Race

Cat Maze Race is a Windows 8 Maze Game. In this amazing maze race game, your main aim is to take the cat to the mouse and eat it. There are three main modes available to play this game. In all the three modes there are 25 levels. Each mode has a different game play.

For each mode, as you succeed from one level to another, the level of difficulty keeps on increasing, making the overall game more interesting.

Cat Maze Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows store.

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Playing this windows 8 Maze Game

As you go to the game, then firstly the three modes that are available for you to play, will be shown to you.

Let me give you a little idea about the three modes that are available here:
Practice Mode

The first mode that is shown here, is merely for practice. Her, you don’t have to compete, but just have the option to practice. You can practice again and again through all the 25 levels available in here. Just try to apply your strategy to take the cat to the mouse in the least number of moves, taking the least amount of time.

Cat Vs Cat mode

The second mode that is shown right below the practice mode, is the cat vs cat mode. Here, you have to compete against the other cat that is also here to eat the mouse. The other cat would be starting from the other side of the maze. See that you get to the mouse before the other cat, otherwise, the other cat will eat the mouse.

The Door and Key mode

The Door and key mode is the last one. Here, again, you have to compete against the other cat that is coming from the other side. But the problem is not only this. There is a door present in your way. The key of the door is also present on the way. Firstly, you have to get the key, and then have to reach the door to unlock it and eat the mouse. This mode is an advanced one and offers more difficulty as well.


In any mode of the game, you would be able to play through 25 levels. These levels will surely engage you into the game, by providing a gradually increasing difficulty level. For, any level you are playing, you have to complete it in order to get the next one. But, once you have cleared all the 25 levels in any mode, you can choose to play any of them.

The controls of the game are quite easy. Use arrow keys in case of keyboard. You can also use your mouse here. Just hover your mouse all through the path, and the cat shall follow it. In touch enabled devices, the movement can be controlled by finger swipes.

The levels can be changed from the bottom right corner of the game’s interface.

That’s all I have to offer. Happy playing!

Also check Switchback, Wooden Marble Maze, and Tilt Maze.
My Verdict

Cat Maze Game is a nice Windows 8 Maze Game with nice game play and good number of levels to play. The game has good sound effects. Do try it for sure.

Get Cat Maze Race here

Free Attribute Changer To Change File, Folder Properties, Time Stamps

Attribute Changer lets you easily change the file or folder’s attributes (read-only, hidden, system etc.). Attribute Changer can also let you modify time stamp for files (includes image files). It also lets you recursively apply the settings to all files in a folder, selectively change the attributes by letting you apply filters, and also lets you change the case (uppercase or lowercase) for the name of the file.

As Attribute Changer is an add-on for Windows Explorer, these options are available to you by a simple right click on any file. You can also configure Attributes Changer to retain the settings done to the file/folder on a system restart.

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Changing the file attributes for a folder or a file can sometimes get complicated, specially when you don’t know about it. Maybe it’s a file or a folder that you want to hide, or change the timestamp for a file that doesn’t match the one with your computer. This is where Attributes Changer can help you.

Lets us see how to use this tool.
How to use Attributes Changer?

You can access the Attributes Changer’s interface by right-clicking on any file/folder and choosing the Attributes Changer option from the list. You easily click on the file attributes you want to apply to the file or folder (Read-only, Hidden, System etc.).
Changing attributes

I found it really simple while using this software to change the file attributes. All you have to do is to choose the attribute one you want to apply, click on it and click on “Apply” to apply them.

Another little tool that I noticed, that could be useful, is the Change Case. This tool lets you change the case (uppercase and lowercase) of the file’s name and extension. This might not make a difference while you’re working with Windows operating system, however while transferring the files over to another computer with an operating system that is case-sensitive (Ex: Linux) when it comes to naming a file. I had this problem while uploading the files over to my website that was running Linux.

You might have understood about the Recursive stuff. Well, it does exactly what you thought. It applies the settings (file attributes) to all the files in a folder. You might have noticed in the image above that I am in the File Properties tab. This lets me apply the settings only to the files in the folder, while leaving the file attributes for the folder unchanged.

If you want to apply the new file attributes to all the files in the folder, and also invite the folder himself to the party, then go to the Folder Properties, choose the attributes from the panel on the top and put a check mark in the Recursive check box.

You might imagine what happened to the files in the folder. Poof! they disappeared.
Time Stamps

You camera is smart enough to keep a record of the dates when the images were clicked, and so is your computer. Whenever you create a file in your computer, the date and time for the creation, when it was modified, and accessed is saved to it.

You can use Attribute Changer to edit the timestamp for images, and of course any other file or folder. You can also generate and assign random timestamps to the file. If you choose the Recursive option, this would apply the settings (like butter) to all the files in the folder.

You can also apply filters to target specific files, which I think is going to help you to be more flexible while choosing the files.

I tried Attribute Changer with Windows 7 and I liked it. It’s ability to blend in with Windows Explorer, makes it usable at all times, while accessible just by a right-click. The feature with Attribute Changer that lets you change the timestamp in another feature that comes handy.

I would recommend this tool, because it’s easily accessible and easy to use.

Get Attribute Changer here for free

Free Backup Software To Backup Files, Folders, Encrypt Backup

Back4Sure is a free backup software that is used to backup files, folders (including sub-folders), and helps to encrypt the backup for security purpose. It also lets you compress the backup folder to save disk space. You will be able to select multiple directories (or folders) that you want to backup and can adjust settings before starting the backup process. You can even save the backup job as *.b4j file for later use. Thus, Back4Sure is one of the useful data backup software to quickly create a backup of important items. Unlike many similar data backup software, you can also set your PC to standby or hibernate mode automatically, after finishing the backup process.

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This free backup software is very easy to use and helps to start the backup process in a few mouse clicks. But the major shortcoming about this data backup freeware is that you won’t be able to schedule backups. Only manual data backup process is possible with Back4Sure.
Key Features Present In This Free Backup Software are:
A very useful software to backup multiple folders together. You can backup files to same drive, different hard disk, or to a flash drive.
All backup items can be encrypted for security purpose along with password protection.
You can even compress data backup and can set the compression level (very fast compression, high-compression, ultra compression, or normal compression).
Filter feature is also available to exclude some stuff that you don’t want to backup from a folder. For example, if a folder contains images and music files, then you can add music files to exclusion list, and it will backup images only.

It is a portable data backup software and only 2.66 MB in size.
How To Use This Free Backup Software To Backup Multiple Folders Together?

You need to download the zip archive that contains application file of this data backup software. Its download link is available at the end of this review. Execute the application file of this data backup freeware to open its interface.

Its interface is very simple and lets you perform backup process in few easy steps. You can start backup process in two ways. One option is to perform quick backup by selecting source directory, backup directory, and using the Backup Now button.

Other option to start backup process is to adjust some settings for creating a backup job. You can save the backup job for later use or can use that job to start the backup process. Have a look at some of the important steps below to create a data backup job:

Step 1: It is the very basic step using which you can select target directory to save backup and source directory to select multiple folders for backup.

Step 2: In this step, you will be able to add filters, as mentioned in key features. You can include items that you want to backup as well as exclude items to skip their backup process.

Step 3: This is one of the important step that helps to enable data compression and encryption. You can compress backup as zip or 7z format, can select compression level, and can encrypt (using AES-256 encryption) data with password protection.

Step 4: If you want to view the list of all files that will be backed up, then this step will help you. It provides confirmation option by enabling you to see the whole list of backup items, before starting the backup process. It is also useful to uncheck items that you don’t have to backup.

Step 5: To create log file of backup process, you can use Logging option. It will be helpful to view the total summary of backup process as well as find out error details, if backup process fails.

After this, you can start the backup process or can save the backup job. During backup process, you can even enable hibernate, power off, or standby mode. It is helpful to automatically take power action after finishing the backup process.


Back4Sure is really useful for novice as well as pro users to create backup of important items. However, you cannot schedule automatic backup for a particular date & time which might disappoint users. But to create data backup manually, it is a good to use software.

Get Back4Sure free.

Windows 8 Racing Game App: Poppy Kart

Poppy Kart, is a free Windows 8 racing game app. It’s a fun racing game app for Windows 8, which you can play in touch and, non touch Windows 8 devices. The game is funny and has the theme for kids.

You race with different other racers, whom your PC controls. All you have to do is, try to finish the race first, along with collecting totems. Because, totems are the ones, that can help you throughout the game and ultimately in finishing the game. There are plenty of good stuff in the game, that makes it a cool Windows 8 racing game app. There are obstacles to avoid, and sometimes, the other racers do cheat. Plus, the totems are laid on the track, which you have to collect. Finally, each track is different with different turns.

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So, all the racing lovers, can play the game, and spend some time while having fun.
Play racing game in Windows 8 using this Windows 8 racing game app:

The app has really good gameplay. It’s fun playing the game in desktop, and even in touch device. By the looks, the game looks like a game made for kids. It has a funny and cute story, in which Froggy, daughter of frog MR. Carpo, who is in the same carting class, where you are, has run away and has announced that, she ain’t coming back. Now, it is you who have to race against other racers, from your carting class, and find Froggy to bring her back, and emerge as a hero.

And, the only way to do this is, to collect totems in race. And, to collect totems, you have to win races, or at least finish 4th. Because, winning the race can only unlock next higher level race. So that, you can play in the next race and collect more totems. The only issue that I had with this game is: the first seven races are free. But, if you liked the game, then you always have the option to unlock all races (levels).

The totems are red marks, laid here and there in the track. All you need to do is, drive over them to collect them. But, during the race, you have to be careful of the other players, a stuff like poop, and a moving round face; because on coming on contact with these, makes you spin round and round, making you forget about the right track. Though, it doesn’t has any effect on your position in the race. But, it does slows you down.

The whole game is divided into levels in the form of tracks. Good thing is, each track is different and has speed booster, coins, totems etc. Which makes every single race fun.

Simply, use the keyboard arrows to control the cart. Mostly, the races are of 5 laps, finish the race at least fourth. But, what I advice to finish it first, because that’s what winners do!
Key features of this Windows 8 racing game:
Good Windows 8 racing game app.
Seven free races.
Good 3D pixellated graphics.
Good country music.
Good gameplay.
Simple easy controls.
Complete current race to unlock next.
Play in Progressive or Expert difficulty.

Still looking for some more good and free Windows 8 racing game apps, then check out: XRacer, 3D Car Race, and 3D Boat Race.

Poppy Kart, certainly is a good Windows 8 racing game app. It has got a solid story backing up the game. The 3D pixellated graphics are nice and new. Plus, the sound are funny and interesting. The gameplay is another highlight point of the game app. Even though, only seven races are free. Still, it has the ability to grab your attention and makes you enjoy the game, while playing. All in all, a good Windows 8 racing game app.

Get Poppy Kart here.

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Free Tiff Editor To Delete, Insert, Reorder Pages In Tiff Images 01/18/2014 11:00 pm I Love Free Software Laxman Singh Web site view Multiff is a handy tiff editor that is used to view tiff image files, helps to delete, insert, and reorder pages in tiff images. It can also be used to combine multiple tiff files. You can even split a multipage tiff (Tagged Image File Format) to single page tif or in jpeg images. There is also an option available that helps to delete blank pages automatically from tiff file. Thus, it’s a feature rich tiff editor, and available completely free to use. In screenshot below, main interface of Multiff is visible where it provides thumbnails of added tiff file’s pages on left side. All options are available at top on its interface to modify tiff, and tif images. Sponsored Links Check these 12 best free photo editor software to edit photos easily. Some Key Features Present In This Free Tiff Editor are: A completely free tiff editor that helps to perform various tasks in a tiff image file. You will be able to delete tiff pages, extract pages, replace/reorder pages (in reverse order or as even/odd pages), insert a new tiff file in between the pages, and more. You can even combine multiple tiff files and can split a multipage tiff file. To combine multiple tiff, use File menu, and click on Combine Files(K) option. A new window will open up. Here, you need to add tiff images that you want to combine. After this, click on Run option, and you will be able to combine those tiff images. Output will be generated to desktop. A tiff file can be saved as gif, ico, avi, and in dcx format. Use Saveas option available in file menu to perform this task. You can even convert a tiff image to pdf image. Shortcut buttons are available to quickly perform tasks. Such as: open a file, insert pages, extract pages, convert tiff to pdf, etc. You can even import some supported image and video files to convert them to tiff. For example, it can extract pages (or frames) from a wmv video file. After extracting frames, you can save those pages as tiff images (one by one). Supported graphic files format are: tif, gif, pcx, bmp, jpg, ico, wbmp, mpg, wmv, avi, and more. Portable tiff editor. How To Use This Free Tiff Editor Software To Delete, Insert, Extract, Reorder Pages In Tiff Images? Download zip archive (less than 2 MB) to get the executable application file of Multiff. Download link is present at the end of this review. Extract the zip archive and double-click the application file to open its interface. Its interface provides you menu that contains multiple options to perform tasks according to your need. Some of the important menu options are as follows: File menu: It is one of the important menu that helps to open tiff file, combine multiple tiff files as a single tiff, convert tiff to pdf, and save tiff image as avi, gif, ico, or in dcx format. Page menu: Whenever you want to extract, delete, insert, or replace tiff pages, use Page menu. For example, to extract a page from tiff file, use Extract option, and specify the start page and end page number that you want to extract. After this, Multiff will extract those pages to default destination location shortly. View menu: This menu is used to hide/display toolbar and to change the language of interface (English or Japanese). Conclusion: Multiff is a feature rich utility for tiff files. Page insertion, deletion, extraction, and combination feature to combine multiple tiff images as a single tiff image are all handy. You can try this software to modify your tiff images. Get Multiff free.

Meme Generator by MemeCrunch is a free iPhone app which lets you create funny andinteresting memes within a few seconds. You choose from various images given by the app to create the meme.

Now a days, whole of internet, especially Social Media, is flooded with memes. You will find memes almost everywhere but many of us don’t know that how are these memes created. Don’t worry, here is an app for your iPhone which will help you create cool memes in a few seconds. In addition to this, the app also lets you create custom memes using the pictures clicked by you or those available in your photo album.

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Key Features Of This Meme Generator App:
Free to download and use.
Various images to choose from.
Create your own custom memes.
Share memes with friends using Twitter, E-mail or Reddit.
Copy, save and print the meme.
Using This Meme Generator App for iPhone:

You can download the Meme Generator app either by searching on the App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. It is very easy and fun to create memes using the app. Launch the app by tapping on the icon. You will see a list of all the popular images which are used all over the world to create memes. The list is arranged in the alphabetical order. You can change to sorting type from the tabs available at the top of the screen. You can choose to sort the images by three ways: By Name, Popular and New.

To start creating meme, Select the image which you want to use for creating the meme by tapping on it. The selected image will be displayed to you in enlarged form with a text box below it. Whatever comment you want to add to your meme, you have to type it in this box.

There are two tabs Top and Bottom at the top of image. Tap on them to choose on which part of image you want the comment to be displayed. You can also increase and decrease the font size by using the options adjacent to text box.

Tap on the Done tab at top right corner to save the meme. You will be shown the preview of the meme created by you. If you are happy with it, then tap on Close tab at top left corner. If you want to edit, copy, print or share it, then tap on the icon at top right corner. A new window will get open and now you can select the most appropriate option from here.

There are two other options also at the welcome screen. These are: Custom and Memes.

The Custom menu lets you create custom memes i.e. create a meme using any of your photos. You can either click a new photo or import the photos which are already on your device. Tap on this tab followed by a tap on plus (+) icon to start creating your custom memes.

You can check all the memes created by you using the Memes option. You can also edit any meme from here.

Check out 5 online meme generator websites reviewed by us.
Final Verdict:

Meme Generator by MemeCrunch is a very good app to create interesting memes. The layout of the app is so simple that you will be able to make pro looking memes within a few seconds. Yes, you read it absolutely right.. just in few seconds. I personally liked the custom meme option very much as I was able to create some really funny memes using pictures of my colleagues which obviously I can’t post here.. If you also want to create funny memes or you are meme lover, then give it a shot by clicking on the link posted below.

Get the Meme Generator by MemeCrunch app from here.

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How to Stop Struggling With New Habits and Master Them With This Brilliant Tool

Lift started as a humble little app for iPhone to track what you do each day. It was a great accountability tool and you could see exactly how many days you went to the gym last month or ate healthy.

But at the time, the scope and scale of Lift was really limited. It was only available for iPhone and there was only a short list of pre-approved habits to choose from.

Now though, Lift has blossomed into a full blown ecosystem that spans over iPhone, Web and now Android and proves useful to a wonderful community of people who want to improve their life by holding themselves accountable.

Let us check out the various features of this tool and how it can actually help those (aren’t we all?) struggling with habits to finally form them and master them.
The Apps

Lift recently got a face-lift just like every other mobile app out there. It went flat. And it managed to do so in a non-obstructive way. Lift uses the same design language across all its apps, so it won’t matter if you are using it on iPhone, Android or the web app. It’ll look familiar on each of the platforms. To get started, click the blue + button on the welcome screen. You’ll be presented with the popular habits and plans, from here you can quickly join the ones you like. You can even search for something specific. If you have thought of it, lift most probably has it in its library.

Once you are done with that, come back to the home screen and you’ll find all your habits listed neatly. Here, you can check the ones you tried on a particular day. Lift will show you how many times you’ve checked in to the habit and you can also leave a little note about the activity you did.

Lift will also show you a 21-day progress bar alongside each habit, which is usually the amount of time it takes to turn any activity into a habit. And once you’ve got yourself going, Lift will send you notifications like “Props if you do one of your x habits today” or “You’re riding a x day streak in a habit” (pictured above) and that really goes a long way in motivating you.
Coaching Plans
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This is the stand out feature of Lift. Lift users can create a Coaching plan with detailed step by step instructions which other users can join, track and discuss all within Lift. These are of course free to join and interact. The feature was enabled only two months ago and we are already seeing detailed plans for marathon training, acing your exams, eating more vegetables and fruits, and a lot more.

The plans featured in Lift are extremely detailed so at no time do you feel lost or misguided. The Six Weeks to a Half Marathon plan, for example, gives you a detailed list of 42 tasks, one for each day. If you have any questions, pop right into discussions and your team members will surely help you out. If training for a marathon seems like a bit too much, you can always start theEase into Running plan.

Lift has lots of plans available and you should browse through the featured category to discover more of them, but here is a list of beginner plans that will get you started with leveling up your life.

Level Up
5k Training for Beginners
Meditation 101
21 Days to your best sleep ever
Yoga Pose Challenge
3 Months to a New You!
Pushups for Beginners
Intro to the 7-Minute Workout

Lift is still a developing product so there are bound to be some hiccups here and there. In my testing, I found the Android app to be a bit laggy compared to the iPhone and Web experience. And while you can see how many times you’ve checked in to a habit, there is no quantifiable way to view this data at a glance. The iOS app does show you a Frequency per week graph with each activity but it is surprisingly absent from the web and Android client.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut trying to form better habits in 2014 and don’t know where to start, Lift is the best way to go. The clean UI, bundled with habit tracking and Coaching plans make it a must try for all Lifehackers out there. I’ve been using it to track my biking recently. The progress bar that keeps a track of your ongoing streak helps a lot, just like Jerry Seinfleld’s Don’t break the chain productivity method for getting things done. Once you have a 12 day streak going, you really don’t want to break the chain and that ultimately motivates you to get out of the house and do something, even for a small amount of time.

Download Lift : Web | Android | iPhone
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4 Cool Tricks to Have Some Fun With the Mac Terminal

The Mac’s Terminal is an amazing utility. In fact, we have written about it more than once before. It is a greatly capable tool that has enough power to alter the very core aspects of your Mac.

However, not everything has to be work when it comes to the Terminal. You can also have a lot of fun with it if you follow these neat tricks.
1. Make It Snow

The holiday season might be over, but winter is still on everywhere. So what better way to get into the spirit of the season than to make your Mac snow?

Cool Tip: You can make the Terminal window dark by choosing the Pro settings from the app’s Preferences.

To do so, just enter the following command into the Terminal window and you’ll have your Mac snowing in a second:

ruby -e 'C=`stty size`.scan(/\d+/)[1].to_i;S=["2743".to_i(16)].pack("U*");a={};puts "\033[2J";loop{a[rand(C)]=0;a.each{|x,o|;a[x]+=1;print "\033[#{o};#{x}H \033[#{a[x]};#{x}H#{S} \033[0;0H"};$stdout.flush;sleep 0.1}'

2. A Unique Take on Star Wars

This next trick is not just tremendously fun, but simply astounding if you consider the amount of effort put into it.

Have you ever watched Star Wars Episode IV? Well, perhaps you have, but believe me, not like this.

All you have to do is enter this command on Terminal…

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

..and you will be treated to the entire episode four of the saga (A New Hope) in ASCII code.

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As you can see, this is really cool. Not only you get to experience the entire episode again, but you also get to see all your favorite characters rendered in this original artwork.
3. Your Own Personal Psychotherapist

There’s no denying that we all have problems of all sorts. Some of them more serious than others of course. And sometimes we all wish we could just talk to someone about them, right?

Well, it might not be the ideal ‘professional’ to talk to, but if you want, your Mac can help you deal with your issues in some quite funny and uncharacteristic ways thanks to the psychotherapist available through Terminal.

To call him/her up, just type the following command on the Terminal window:


Then press the Esc + X keys and introduce the following command when prompted:


The ‘doctor’ will pop up and prompt you to tell him/her your problem.

Just write them down, press Return two times and you will start getting some really curious/funny answers.

You might not find a solution to your problems, but you’ll definitely have a lot of fun.
4. And Don’t Forget the Games

We recently showed you how to play some classic games on your Mac such as Tetris and Pong. If you want more of those to choose from, just take a look at that article and add these names to the list of games you can find in Terminal: 5×5, blackbox, dunnet, gomoku, hanoi, landmark, mpuz and solitaire.

And there you have them. Now whenever you feel bored, you’ll know how to have a bit of fun with your Mac without even leaving your desk.

How to Control Screen Timeouts on Android With the Gravity Screen App

After Samsung came out with its revolutionary Smart Stay concept in its high-end Android phones, developers have been constantly trying to mirror the concept in their apps for other phones. The whole concept of having the screen timeout controlled through the movement of your eyes, and having it on only when you’re looking at it seems to have struck a chord with many.

However, most of these apps failed to impress. Firstly, as theyused camera in the background all the time, their battery consumption was high. Furthermore, people who wear glasses used to have problems because of the glare from the lenses.

Today, however, we’ll see an app that tackles this problem using a different approach. The app is called Gravity Screen for Android.
Gravity Screen for Android

Gravity Screen On/Off aims to automate the process of screen off and on depending upon the placement of your phone. To get started, download and install the app on your device and launch it. The first time when you launch the app, it will ask you to grant it administrative access over your phone. This is necessary as the app needs some special privileges when it comes to controlling screen timeouts and lock screens.

The app does two things. It turns off the display of your phone when it’s lying ideal and turns it on when you engage with the device. Let’s take a look at the way the app works.
Screen Timeout

There are two ways in which the app can turn off the screen. The first is the pocket sensor and the second one is the table sensor. In the pocket sensor mode, the app uses your device proximity sensor along with the angle in which the phone is kept and turns off the screen depending on it.

The user can manually adjust the angle of tilt that will be used to determine that the phone is kept in the pocket. By default the app turns off the screen only in one single tilt direction, but checking the option Any Direction under the Pocket Sensor section will turn off the screen in any direction.

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In the table mode, the app determines if the app is kept on a table with face down mode and turns off the screen instantly. The app decides the angle to detect the table automatically. There’s also an option to detect the phone on table with face up by checking the option Lying face up.

Note: If you use a flip cover on your phone, you might want to check Auto Screen On Off (Smart Cover) app for Android instead of this one.
Turn On the Screen

The app detects even the slightest of movement on your phone and turns on the screen automatically. If your screen is already turned on, it will keep it on till it detects the motions in the phone. The sensitivity of these vibrations can be controlled from the app. There might be chances when your phone picks up false vibrations when it’s kept in the pocket or car dashboard. In this situation you can turn on the proximity sensors too, for better coordination.

There are some additional features you can enable, such as headphones support and start at boot. You can also disable the lock screen completely if you are just using a simple swipe to unlock.

Those who use security codes and pattern unlocks can delay the lock screen timeout using the app’s advanced settings. However you might need to give the app some additional administrative privileges.

Cool Tip: If you only want to the app to be activated while you are reading something on your phone, you can easily pause and resume the app services from the Android notification drawer. Pausing the app when not in use will save your device’s battery juice as well.

I think an app like Gravity Screen should come by default on Android. You’ll hardly need to touch the power button with this app enabled. Under test conditions, the app drains around 6% of your battery to keep the sensors active in one cycle which is less than what the screen would take if left on without using it.

So go ahead and try the app on your Android, and see yourself getting used to it before you know it.
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