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Friday, March 21, 2014

K-3D – Free 3D Modeling and Animation Software

K-3D is free 3D modeling and animation software that lets you apply your artistic skills to create 3D designs either for your projects or just for fun. K-3D is a very versatile and powerful piece of free 3D modeling software with an amazing set of features to let you produce animations as well as 3D designs.

The free animation software lets you create motion picture quality animation and is designed to suit the needs of a professional artist, as well as someone who is more of a novice. K-3D has full Render man support like -Pixie, Aqsis, BMRT and other formats.

For modeling, the free CAD software lets you choose from a number of objects like faces, edges, curves, patches, meshes, points and many more to create 3D designs. K-3D has geometry types like Polygon, NURBS, subdivision and blobby. You can also do Boolean modeling operations with the free 3D modeling and animation software and create duplicates without adding geometry to the scene.

Other free 3D modeling software includes 3D Home Design for architecture and BRL-CADand Minos for general functionality to create 3D designs.

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Features of K-3D :
The free 3D modeling and animation software has unlimited undo or redo
K-3D allows you to edit documents in multiple open GL solid, shaded and texture mapped views
The free 3D modeling software allows procedural modeling
It has a plug in oriented procedural engine
The free CAD software supports the following image formats -JPEG, PNG, BMP,TIFF,SUN and many more
It allows basic 2D compositing
It has a python engine for script development
It supports alternative script engine plug ins
It has a visualization pipeline which allows arbitrary dataflow
The free animation software allows you to animate modeling operations
There are unlimited number of animation channels and you can animate any value
It has bezier curve channels
The free CAD software excels at polygonal modeling and has tools for NURBS, patches and curves to create 3D designs easily

Utilize your artistic skills in creating amazing designs and models using K-3D. You can model, animate and interact with animations while they give you the best result using this free 3D modelling and animation software. K-3D is completely free CAD software and works efficiently to create 3D designs.


Batch Image Convert, Enhance, Resize, Watermark: Photoimp

Photoimp is a batch image converter, batch image enhancer, and batch resizer software. It helps to view thumbnail of images available in a particular directory and lets you perform any task on them. For enhancing the images, you can adjust gamma level, brightness, contrast, luminance, saturation, etc. Once images are edited, you can save them to any destination directory. And before saving the images, it lets you resize as well as convert images.
We covered similar batch image processing tools earlier, like: BRIC and this one. Photoimp also falls in the same league, and is in some ways better than others.
Photoimp is also useful to rotate images as well as add watermark to images (text or image watermark). Thus, it is a feature rich photo processing software that is available completely free.
Photoimp- interface
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Screenshot above shows beautiful interface of Photoimp where it provides a navigation pane and thumbnails of images.

How To Use This Batch Image Converter, Resizer, and Enhancer Software?

To use this freeware, grab it from link I have given at the end, and install it on your PC. Once installed, open its interface. Its setup file is around 5 MB in size. During the installation process, some additional tasks, like auto detect camera/SD cards, auto associate image files to open with Photoimp, can also be performed.
set other tasks
By default, it will show you thumbnails of images available in My Pictures. But you can set your own directory as well. For this, use navigation pane, select a directory, and images available in that directory will be visible to you automatically.
select a photo directory
If you have to rotate some images, then simply select those images, and use Rotate buttons to rotate them clockwise/anticlockwise.

Edit Images:

To edit images, first select all or only some required images, and tap on Edit button. It will open a new window where you could edit all selected photos as well can watermark them. One of the simplest way to edit images is to use Auto Enhance button which will let you adjust color level of images automatically. But if you want to do it yourself, then simply move available sliders left and right and adjust gamma level, contrast, brightness, Red/Green/Blue color level etc.
edit images
Live preview for output photo will be visible to you that helps to perform changes more accurately. Changes made to a photo will appear on all photos and you can see the changes just by clicking on a particular photo. If you are satisfied with the changes, simply apply those changes and move to watermark images (if you want).
To watermark the images, you can either add any custom text, add an image, or can use both watermarks. For image watermark, it supports bmp, jpg, png, and gif images. Text and image watermark’s position (top left, center, bottom right, etc.), opacity, size can also be adjusted easily.
add watermark to images
After you have added watermarks, apply them, and use Save button to save those photos to destination location of your choice.

Convert and Resize Photos:

While saving the photos, you will find convert and resize options. All edited photos can be converted into png, tiff, psd, gif, or jpeg image. And to resize photos for output, you can set height and width in percentage or pixel wise. Quality level can be adjusted, if jpeg format is selected by you for output images. And compression level can be set, if png format is chosen by you.
convert, resize, and save photos


Photoimp is one of the best photo processing software as from resizing to conversion, watermark to rotation, all image tools are available in it. What it missed is photo effects and frames, that could enhance images in a much better way. Overall, it is really handy and I can recommend it to you.