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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Replay for iPhone: App to Create Videos from Photos and Videos

Replay is a free video maker for iPhone and iPad that lets youmake beautiful videos from your photos or videos. You can add beautiful text, effects and patterns to join photos together and make a movie out of them. This app boldly bids adieu to the times where we used to make PPTs for our loved ones and then converted it into movies to wish them on birthdays and anniversaries. This is a one stop application to all those tasks.
The application also has a ‘Featured Section’ which has videos uploaded by others made using this application. You can either pick photos from your library or shoot them from the application itself.
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How to Use Replay:

To begin with creation of your movie, tap on ‘+’ button in the top right corner. You will find multiple options for choosing images from camera, camera roll, albums and photo streams. You can also preview the images right while choosing them. It takes a few seconds depending on the number of photos you have chosen to make the movie.
In the first editing tool you’ll find options like ‘panning’, ‘writing’ and deleting. Tap on a photo to make changes related to it. The panning option gives you a rectangular block over the image. When the movie is being created, the images are not displayed as simple photos. Instead they are moving (zooming in and out) to make a beautiful effect. The position of that square will decide where the image will zoom in the most while movie is being created.
The second option is of writing text over the images. This text is also not played as a simple written material. Instead, every word is animated one by one to make a brilliant effect. The third option simply deletes an image from the lot. In the next tool you can decide what the pace of the movie will be. You can opt from slow, natural and fast options.
Probably the best feature of this application is found in this tool. You can add music to your image. There are four songs given as an option by default. Also you can choose music from your music library. Finally, you can choose the format of the movie. It can be either cinema (wide), square or Instagram like.
From the bottom pane of the application, you can choose the theme of the movie. Currently, three themes are free namely Epic, Grammy and Dandy. This theme decides the overall look of the movie. There are plenty of options for themes and rest of them can be bought as in-app purchases. You can share your movie on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, Vimeo and Instagram. Of course there is an option of adding the image to the camera roll.

Final Verdict:

Replay is a beautiful tool for creation of images which can be presented at special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. There are plenty of options to customize the video according to your own needs and use it to impress the person receiving it.
Get Replay for iPhone free from here.

Educational Search Engine to Find Online Courses: RedHoop

RedHoop is a free educational search engine for self learners. It finds you online courses and books from different websites for any topic, like: computer science, arts, languages, medicines, media, and many more.
You can also add the relevant courses to your study list on RedHoop account to keep track of your study. Once you complete the course, you can mark it as read tokeep a list of all the courses that you have completed.
The search can be customized, so that you can easily find the course that you are looking for. You can find both paid and free courses, along with course duration.
RedHoop Homepage
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Number of MOOC offering websites are rising very fast and that makes finding the right courses on different websites a tough task. RedHoop is a good solution in such cases, as it not only find you the courses from different sites in one place, but also lets you choose different filters on the search results. It doesn’t even require any sign up to use its searching services. Just type the course that you are looking for, and it will show you all the websites that provide that course.

Use Educational Search Engine RedHoop To Find Online Courses:

You can follow the link available at the end of this review to reach the homepage of RedHoop. You get a search column on the homepage, where you can search for the topic of courses or books.
If you want RedHoop keep the list of your courses and search history, then you need to create a free account. So, I’d recommend you to sign up with this website. Sign up needs you to provide some of your basic details.
RedHoop Signup
Now, to search for the courses, enter the keywords in the search column and then click on the search button.  RedHoop will search multiple websites and will provide courses that match your search query.
RedHoop searches courses from some famous online course providers, like: Edx, Coursera, Lynda.com, Khan Academy, Udacity, General Assembly, Tuts+, Treehouse, CreatorUp, Open2Study, Udemy, Grovo, MIT OCW, NOVO ED, Code School, Learnable, Pluralsight, Skillfeed, CreativeLive, Digitl-tutors, SkillShare, TrainSimple, Craftsy, CreativeBug.
Most of self learners know about them, but going to each site and then searching for the courses is not really convenient.
The search result will also carry the course description, price, and  provider’s name with each course.
You can use different filters, like: Price, Duration of Course, Level, Certified Courses, Category, Provider, etc. You can also use the sorting options to view search results.
You can click on the courses to view more details of the particular course. Click on “Take This Course Now” button to reach the course page.
RedHoop Search

Adding Course to Your Study List

If you find a course interesting, you can add it to your study list, so that you can access it from your account anytime. This is like online bookmarking service for online courses. To use this service, Click on “Add to Study List” button, present on the course description page.
RedHoop Course
You can view your study list from “Study List” option available at the top right corner of the page. Study list gives you the options to: “Go Study”, “Save For Later”, “Done Studying”, and “Delete”.
  • Go Study: takes you to the course page.
  • Study Later: lets you keep courses, that you want to study in the future.
  • Done Studying: marks the page as studied and it will still be kept in the list, so that you access it again, if you want.
  • Delete: simply deletes the course from the list.
RedHoop Study List

Searching Books on RedHoop

If you are looking for books related to any topic, then you need to click on “Books” tab. RedHoop will find you the top five books from Amazon, related to that topic. Filter and sorting options are not available in the books section. When you click on any book in the list and you’ll land on that book’s page on Amazon.
RedHoop Book Search

My Take on RedHoop:

I wish to have a little more from Redhoop, than just courses and books. This service can be a better educational search engine if could find us more study content, like: videos and articles as well.
RedHoop is a wise thought. The option to keep the courses in the Study List makes it even better.
Go to RedHoop.