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Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to Transfer Lastpass Data to 1Password for iOS

Two good things happened to help you remember passwords with the iOS 8 update; the1Password app became freemium, with most of the basic features available for free use, and Apple opened touch ID access for third party apps, which can be used in place of passwords.
lastpass 1password
Due to the previous reasons, I thought to give 1Password a shot on my iPhone 5S. The only thing holding me back was the 5 years of password data I had on my LastPass account, without which, using 1Password would be useless. Saving each password manually from scratch didn’t seem to be an intelligent choice. I would have preferred to sync my data from LastPass servers to iOS storage, but that can’t be done directly.
So let’s see how we can get that done using these steps. First of all we will see how we can transfer LastPass data to the Windows version of 1Password, and then we’ll have a look at how we can sync it with the iOS application.
Before we get started: Make sure you have the browser extension of LastPass and the Windows and iOS application for 1Password installed on the respective devices.

LastPass to 1Password on Windows

So let’s begin. First we will have to export the LastPass data to our computer as a CSV (comma separated value) file; I will be using the Chrome LastPass extension for the task. You can also use the Firefox extension, as the steps are pretty similar. After you’ve logged in to the LastPass extension, select Tools –> Advanced Tools –> Export to LastPass CSV File.
export lastpass
The browser will ask you to select the location where you’d like to save the file. After you save, open the file using Excel. The top column of the file should state all the different parameters of the listing. If that’s not the case, edit the file to have the first row as shown in the screenshot.
format URL
Once that’s done, open the 1Password application installed on Windows. If you haven’t created a vault yet, create a new vault and log in to it using the newly created master password.
Having done that, click File –> Import and select the CSV file you imported from LastPass.
Import 1Password
The application will ask you to map the CSV file columns to the appropriate fields of the 1Password application. Please make sure you don’t select the wrong columns here or all your passwords and usernames will be mixed up.
Once that’s done, click on the OK option to complete the import.
select User Name

1Password Windows to iOS

So that was how you can import the LastPass data to 1Password on Windows. Now, unlike LastPass, which creates and maintains an online vault, 1Password creates a local vault and that’s the reason the data on your computer is not synced to your iOS application automatically. So let’s see how we can sync our 1Password vault from the computer to iOS and retrieve all of our LastPass data.
After you install the iOS application, open the Windows application and select the option Wi-Fi sync from the menu. Once the Wi-Fi sync window appears, now open your iOS application. When you launch the app for the first time, it will give you the option to sync your existing vault.
1Password iOS  (1)1Password iOS  (2)
Here select Sync using Wi-Fi. Now make sure that your computer and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and the sync window is opened on the computer. Once you tap the computer that appears on the app, you will be asked to authenticate using the master password and an authentication code that appears on the screen.
Wifi Sync
The initial sync might take some time and once that’s done, all the data from the 1Password application from Windows will be transferred to iOS device.

You’re Done! Any Questions?

So that was how you can transfer all of your LastPass data to the 1Password app for iPhone and enjoy all the perks of 1Password’s freemium application that would otherwise require a premium subscription on LastPass. If you have any doubts about the process or get stuck anywhere, please use our comments section below and we’ll help you clear things up. Also, don’t forget to let us know about your experience with 1Password on iOS 8.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Postify: Schedule Facebook & Twitter Posts, And Set Them To Republish [Web]

Try as much as you can, but avoiding social media isn’t something you can do and it isn’t smart to try. It’s smarter to try and manage social media more efficiently because that’s how you actually get anything out of it. There is a myriad of tools available to help you manage multiple social media accounts; some simple, some complex, some that support an army of these networks, while others that cater only to the more popular ones. Postify is one such service that lets you schedule posts to Twitter and Facebook for free. You can schedule up to ten posts and it supports multiple Twitter accounts in addition to letting you manage Facebook pages.
What you will appreciate about Postify right off the bat is its clean interface. Post scheduling is of course, just one of the basic features this service offers. If you upgrade it will suggest ideas for posts and give you more scheduling and sharing options.  Start off by connecting your Facebook account. If you don’t want to manage Facebook pages, you can skip giving the service access to it.
Postfity account
Once you’ve connected account, start composing an update. Postify will let you compose an update and share it to all connected accounts. It has however, made it exceptionally simple to turn off an account so you can compose and schedule posts for Facebook and Twitter separately. You can attach images to your post as well as add links.
Postfity post
Once you’ve composed the post, click the Schedule button to select a date and time for posting. Other posting options available include an option to add a post to the queue which publishes posts five minutes apart. All scheduled posts can be ‘multiplied’. This allows you to publish the same update to your accounts at regular intervals and is useful if you’re promoting something for an extended period such as a giveaway that users can participate in over the course of two weeks.
Last but not least, the service gives you the following overview of your scheduled posts. It has filters in case you decide to connect more than one Twitter account connected to the service.
Postfity browse
As far as scheduling social media scheduling services go, Postify is a good tool to use for anyone with basic small-scale needs. The Multiply feature is definitely something that could benefit small scale pages and businesses alike. The ten post limit is something that might be a problem but it’s not a per-day limit but rather a queue limit so it’s workable. Give it a try and let us know how you liked it.