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Saturday, November 22, 2014

iSendr is a free on-demand free file sharing program that makes transferring a file or files between one or more people, a simple operation. This free programallows you to send a file with a one time URL to one person or the same file to up to five different people. From the easy-to-use interface, simply click on either the ‘Send Files’ button or the ‘Share Files’ button.

Update (1-Sep-2012): This team has been acquired by Facebook, and the services have been shut down. You can instead try Ge.tt

In order to use this program you need to have Adobe Flash installed on your system. Adobe Flash is the only add-on required. There is also no other client that needs to be installed for either the sender or receiver. You can also share files online by uploading them to some online file sharing websites, like Mozy, and SkyDrive.

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Sending a file is a straight forward process and does not require the sender having vast knowledge of PSP technology. First of all, choose the file or files you wish to send or share. iSendr will begin preparing the file or files for transfer; a process that only takes a few minutes. If you choose to send multiple files, iSendr will zip these files prior to transfer and a visual preview will be generated for the recipient.

When files are prepped, a QR code with a shortened URL will be displayed for your convenience or for sharing with others waiting for the file. Following this display, you will see the file begin its transfer across the Net. Once the file has been sent, you will be asked whether you wish to transfer another file or send the same file again with a different shortened URL. You can also read about some other great P2P file sharing tools, like, Limewire.

Files are transferred to the iSendr website where the recipient is able to save it. If both you and the recipient are online, the transfer will occur immediately. If either party is not online, the transfer will stay in limbo until he or she is online. Once the transfer is complete; the recipient will be given the option of choosing the file’s destination. This, it seems, is when the application uses the Adobe Flash application.

It is important that you remain on site during the transfer; should you attempt to close the application before the transfer is complete, you will receive a warning. For this reason, leaving the window open while you perform other tasks is advisable. In order to ensure smooth file transfers, contact the recipient before you launch iSendr and inform him or her that you are about to send a file or files. This will enable the recipient to get online and accept the transferring file. [Ge.tt does not imposes above limitations, and remains my favorite large file transfer service].

Sending a file through iSendr is pretty easy and it doesn’t take too much time either. Also it saves you from the long process of uploading to a share server first and then the recipient has to download the file to access it. So give this application a try and see the benefits for yourself.

Online File Sharing, Group Voice and Video Call Support

Project Squared (a project by Cisco) is a free online file sharing service that comes with group voice and video call support. You can share files as well as can communicate with your team in a group simultaneously. This feature is not supported by many other similar services.
Apart from the web this service isalso available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac. So, now you don’t have to worry about not being in office for an important video conference or voice call. A video or voice call initiated through a browser can be joined in from your phone as well using the mobile app. All you need is the Project Squared app and you can join in the action from anywhere in the world.
Apart from this, it also lets you chat with your team. Thus, you can make video and voice call in a group, chat with team members, and share files together. You and your team members will be able to download the uploaded files. Whether it is a video file, exe file, audio file, image file, etc., you can upload it to your group.
You and your team (or friends) need to create a free account on Project Squared and then you all can share files, and communicate together.
online file sharing with group communication
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In the screenshot above, you can see the interface of this service to share files and chat.
In screenshot below, you can see a group video call made by me. It is completely your wish if you want to use your webcam to display your video, or you just want to make a group audio call.
make group voice and video call
Note: Group voice and video call is possible with Firefox browser. Your team members must also login using Firefox browser to receive and answer your call.
Also check Send Anywhere and xFiles reviewed by us.

How to Use This Online File Sharing Service?

Go to the homepage of this website using the link added at the end of this review. Click on Sign up free button and register with your email id. You will receive an email using which you can set a password and create your room for collaboration.
create an account
After entering your room, click on ‘+’ button. It will help you to invite your team members, using their email addresses, and join your room. Your team members also need to create an account with Project Squared to join your room.
create your room for communication
When your team members will join your room, you can chat with them, and can share files. On the bottom part of your room, you will find a box to send a text message, and a ‘+’ button to upload files for sharing. All of your team members can also send a text message and share files on the group.
share file and chat with team members

Start Voice and Video Chat to Communicate with Your Team:

To start a voice and video chat, click on the icon available on top right part of your room. After this, you need to allow your microphone or webcam, or both, to start voice or video call. Make sure you and your friends/team members are on Firefox browser to use this feature.
start group voice and video call
Once your friends will join the call, they can hear you, and can also see you. They can also respond to you.


Project Squared is quite interesting file sharing and group calling service. No matter wheresoever you are in the world, you and your team members can remain in contact, and share files and group communicate with each other. From small offices to normal users, this service is handy.

How To Hide Notifications Temporarily In Windows 10?

This tutorial details how to hide notifications temporarily in Windows 10. As I’ve stressed in a number of my recent write-ups covering Windows 10 , one of the most important features of Windows 10 is its improved support for the modern style apps that were introduced with its immediate predecessor, Windows 8. These modern UI apps can run in the background, and support real-time desktop notifications.
As useful as these notifications are, at times they can get a bit too much to handle. In one of my previous articles, I’ve talked about how you can turn off these app notifications entirely. But what if you want to have them there, but don’t want them to show up for a little while (say, a few hours?)
Well, today’s your lucky day. Thanks to the incredibly customizable OS that is Windows 10, you can conveniently hide app notifications for a few hours. Head past the break to see how you can hide notifications temporarily in Windows 10.
hide notifications temporarily windows 10
How To Hide Notifications Temporarily In Windows 10?
Hiding app notifications temporarily is a fairly straightforward process, and takes no more than a few minutes. Detailed below is a step by step walkthrough, illustrating how to do it:
Step 1: While on the Desktop or the Start Screen, bring up the Charms bar using theWindows Key + C keyboard shortcut. Following that, click on Settings.
windows 10 charms bar
Step 2: The Settings flyout will now appear from the right of the desktop. It consists of direct shortcuts to desktop, personalization etc. on the top section, and system status notification icons in the bottom section. Click on the Notifications status icon in the bottom section. Once you do that, a pop-up menu comes up, with three different preset time duration choices for hiding notifications: 1 hour, 3 hours and 8 hours. Simply click on the time duration of your choice. Here’s a screenshot:
windows 10 temporarily hide notifications
That’s it! As soon as you select one of the preset time durations, Windows 10 will suppress all active notifications from appearing on the desktop, till the selected time duration is elapsed. Quite simple!
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Real-time system and app notifications form an essential part of the entire Windows 10 user experience. They are simple, extremely useful, and keep you updated of everything important. However, there might be times when you don’t want to be bothered by these notifications for a while. In those cases, the ability to temporarily hide notifications can come in really handy. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of it.