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Thursday, March 21, 2013

RapidReddit Is A Chrome Reddit App That Auto-Hides Visited Links

Once you start Redditing, time can goes by super fast. It would go by even faster if you didn’t have to filter out the links you’ve already clicked and could focus solely on the unvisited blue ones. RapidReddit is a Chrome extension that lets you Reddit faster. The extension basically lets you browse Reddit in a way that every link you click opens in a new tab and at the same time, gets automatically removed from the main page. In addition, you are shown not just the overall karma but also the exact number of upvotes and downvotes for each individual link right on the main page. While it may still appear similar to browsing the Reddit main page itself, it’s actually the RapidReddit tab that is showing you the links, and removing the ones that you visit.
Install RapidReddit and a button that looks like Sno’s head is added next to the URL bar. Click it to launch RapidReddit. By default, you will be shown the top 25 links on the front page submitted that day but you can change that from the extension’s options, along with the subreddit that you want the extension to show you links from.

Open RapidReddit’s options to change the number of posts displayed and the subreddit opened by default. The ‘Time Range’ dropdown lets you select how old the posts should be, i.e. from today, yesterday, this week, this month, this year, or since the beginning of time. Each time you launch RapidReddit, you can have it display links from either the front page, or any subreddit of your choice. Make sure you save any changes that you make here.
Since RapidReddit does not work on Reddit itself, it has a few shortcomings, the biggest of which is that you can’t sign in. If you’re a lurker, you will miss not being able to easily visit another subreddit. RapidReddit does away with the top bar and makes you choose between the front page and hundreds of other subreddits. What I like about RapidReddit is how links open in new tabs by themselves, and I don’t have to right-click a link or hold down the Ctrl (or Cmd) key for the purpose, which I’ve always found annoying when browsing Reddit.
Apart from being able to switch between subreddits easily, another issue you might encounter is when you open several links at once and realize that you can’t remember the title they were submitted with. Going back to RapidReddit will not help you here, since the links disappear the second you click them. A simple workaround here is to append the title of the link to the new tab that opens.
If you like this extension, you might also want to check out a few more extensions that might make browsing Reddit easier.
Install RapidReddit From Chrome Web Store

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chrome App Launcher From Chromebook Comes To Windows On Dev Channel

Chromebooks have been gaining significant popularity lately. These Chrome OS-toting computers basically use Google Chrome itself as a computing and app platform, and require continuous internet connectivity to run all these web-apps. Chromebooks rely solely on the Chrome apps but since the browser itself is always running as a part of the OS itself, you do not need to launch it every time you want to run an app. Instead, you get an app launcher similar to the Start Menu for accessing all these apps. Today, Google has released a developer preview of its app launcher for Windows that allows you to launch your installed Chrome apps directly from Windows desktop. As of this writing, the app launcher is only available for Windows on the Chrome Dev Channel, but Google plans to push it to Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux soon.

In order to get the app launcher, you will need to switch to the Dev channel of Google Chrome. After switching to the Dev build, you will need to download any of the available Chrome packaged app such as TextDrive to enable the app launcher. Do note that none of the Chrome-packaged apps are currently searchable on the Chrome Web Store, and you’ll need a direct link to one of them (like that of TextDrive we just provided) in order to install them. Many of Google’s own Chrome apps might not work to initially get the Chrome App Launcher, so it’s best to go with TextDrive, even if you don’t need it. Also, if you have installed the Chrome-packaged app before switching to the Dev channel, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall it in order to get the Chrome App Launcher. You will also be asked to sign in to a Google account before you can get the launcher.
Chrome App Launcher TextDrive
As soon as the app is installed, you will notice a new icon in the Windows Taskbar. Click the icon to open the app launcher with the list of all your installed Chrome apps. Any offline apps will launch directly on the Windows Desktop, while the ones that require an internet connection will be launched in the default internet browser.
2013-02-21 17_52_20-
If you are a regular user of Chrome apps, this is quite a useful addition to the system and simplifies the process of launching your favorite apps. Hopefully, it will be soon make its way to the Beta and then the Stable channel for Windows as well as Mac OS X and Linux, allowing every Chrome user to take advantage from this useful feature.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Google Chrome not Opening Some Websites

Google Chrome not Opening Some Websites:
Google Chrome has been one of the most preferred browser ever since it was released by Google. It quickly was able to capture the browser share and it is quickly catching up with Firefox. Another good thing is that Chrome is available across multiple platforms including Android and iOS, so you can easily sync your stuffs across multiple devices.
Even though being one of the favorite browser among techies, it still has many issues and one of the prominent ones being “This webpage is not available” error. The strange thing about this error is that not all websites show this error, only few of them show this error when you open them on Chrome.
Chrome webpage note available
How to Fix this error?
The best solution to this error is by clearing the cache and cookies on your Chrome. Click on the settings icon –> Tools-> Clear browsing data.
Clear browsing data
In the browsing data, select both the options empty the cache and also delete cookies.
Clear browsing
Once this process is completed, try opening the websites again and you can see them loading without any issues.
Via Nirmaltv

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Browse Anonymously On Your Google Chrome: Stealthy

Stealthy is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you browse anonymously and access blocked websites and online services easily. You can easily hide your real identity and can bypass the Firewalls. This way you can access those services which are blocked to you. Using Stealthy, you can browse anonymously just by performing a few mouse clicks.
This is one of the simplest and easy way to use proxies. And good thing is that you can do it free of cost. Stealthy is really a handy extension to use proxy. If you are in search for a proxy, then this would be a suitable extension for you. Have a look at this tutorial.

Key Features of Stealthy:

  • Browse anonymously.
  • Access blocked sites and online services.
  • Bypass firewalls easily.
  • Perform a few mouse clicks to use proxy.
  • Very easy to use and free of cost for Google Chrome.

How To Browse Anonymously Using Stealthy?

It is a simple yet effective extension available for Google Chrome. Simply download it from this given link. Add it to your Google Chrome. You can access it anytime easily by clicking on its extension icon.
  • As you can see in the below given screenshot, its extension icon is turned red. This is because it is disabled at the moment. Whenever you will click its extension icon, it will activate and turn into green. But first you need to select the kind of proxy you want to use.

  • For using a proxy, right-click on its extension icon and hit on the Options. By doing this, a new page will open up. Here you will find the options, as you can see in the below given screenshot. The first two options are not available for free version. So if you want to use them, you need to upgrade to paid version of Stealthy.
  • The lower two options are available and can be used easily in free version. Click on the third given option and it will provide you a random location. This way you can easily access those websites which are blocked on your location.
  • The last given option allows you to choose the desired location. For this, you need to type the location in given box for this. It will provide you available locations as you can see in the below given screenshot. After this, select the location and browse anonymously.

  • I have tested this extension and it really works. It changes your location as well as IP address. You could also give it a try.
  • There are some other options are also available such as:
    • You can make Stealthy automatically switched on.
    • You can use this extension for incognito mode also.
Stealthy is a helpful extension for accessing blocked websites and services. Try it yourself for free.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Use Google Chrome like a Ninja! Tips and Tricks For Begineers

Google Chrome is a fast and minimalistic browser which everybody loves. But you might have stumbled into cases when you wish that some tabs were there all the time, search quickly without having to type google.com, move between tabs swiftly and so on. Here we will discuss few tips and tricks that you will love.

1. Omnibar – The one stop place to search anything!

Chrome has a great feature called the Omnibar, which is basically the address bar where the URLs or the links are displayed or entered. It’s called Omnibar for a special reason – you can instantly type anything in it to search in Google. All you have to do is start typing the search words and press enter, Chrome takes you directly to the Google site with the search results of the word you just entered.
Omnibar - Google Chrome

Omnibar Search Results - Google Chrome
What’s more, you can also change the default search engine to any other search providers other than Google! To do this, head to the settings page and under search you would find a selection box with Google on it. You can add more search engines by clicking “Manage search engines” option.
Manage Search Engines - Google Chrome
A cool feature available in Chrome is the instant search, which shows the search results as you type. This allows you to search faster and get the desired results without typing the whole search words. You can enable this under the same Search category in the settings.
Google Instant - Google Chrome
Moreover you can also perform regular arithmetic operations on omnibox! Simply type the expression and you will see the result suggested as you type!
Arithmetic Operations in Omnibar - Google Chrome

2. Custom search within a site

Another pretty cool feature is the ability to search within a site. Say you want to search for a mobile phone on ebay, you simply start ebay.com in the omnibar and as soon as it appears in the suggestion list, press tab and type in the item name. It automatically searches within ebay directly! This handy feature appears on those sites that have search inbuilt. You can also manage the list of such type of searches in the “Manage search engines” option in the Search category of Settings.
Custom Search - Google Chrome

3. Manage tabs

Chrome is famous for its tabbed layout. It gives you the ability to arrange your tabs the way you like. You can drag a tab to any other position or to place it in a separate window just drag it out of the current window.
Manage Tabs - Google Chrome
You can also drag the links directly on the tabbed toolbar to open it in a separate tab.
Ever wanted some pages to remain all the time? You can do so though tab pinning. Right click on the tab and select the option “Pin tab”. The tab get smaller and displays only the icon. Now the tab is always there and won’t have to be closed. Chrome remembers the pinned tabs and loads them over on new start. Now you can have your GMail, Facebook, Twitter always on the reach without much interruption!
Pin Tabs Google Chrome

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome has some awesome list of shortcuts for use. Besides the basic shortcuts such as to open a new tab (Ctrl + N /  + N), bookmark a site (Ctrl + D /  + D), one can close the tabs (Ctrl + W /  + W), reopen last open tab (Shift + Ctrl + T / Shift +  + T) and more. The table below has the list of some cool keyboard shortcuts you can use on Chrome.
 Keyboard shortcuts - Google Chrome

5. Carry your profile anywhere with Sync

Google Chrome can automatically sync your browser preferences and have it on any machine with Google Chrome. Simply sign in to Chrome with your google account and that’s it! Now you can have bookmarks, frequently visited pages, history, apps etc wherever you go! You can also view all the open tabs on all machines and mobiles you used. You can get this on the new tab page under the option “Other devices”. You can also modify the things that will be synced from the settings page under “Advanced Sync Settings”
 Sign-in Google Chrome Sync Settings - Google Chrome

6. Incognito mode

Incognito mode is the Private Browsing mode in Chrome. To open an incognito tab, simply press Shift + Ctrl + Tab (or Shift + + Tab). The incognito does not save any browsing preferences, particularly useful when you are using Chrome on your friend’s desktop.
Incognito Tab - Google Chrome
Now these tips will make you life with Google Chrome that much more quick and fun! More advanced settings and things you can do with Chrome will be discussed in the future.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Have Chrome Remember Playback Position For YouTube Videos With Video Resumer

Last year, we covered a Firefox add-on called ResumeLater that allowed you to pause a YouTube video and resume it from the same point even after restarting the browser. Think of it as dog earring the page of a book. Video Resumer is a Chrome extension that does the same thing but it is far more convenient to use. The Firefox extension required you to manually save the point to resume playback from. Video Resumer works in the background and you will never know it’s there. You can watch videos at your leisure and close them without a second thought. When you next open that same videos, it will load from where you left off.

Install the extension and enjoy your YouTube videos like you did before. Any time you close a video when it hasn’t played till the end, opening it again will have it resume from that very same place. There isn’t so much as a button or a click involved in the whole process.
video resumer
One of the main things that makes Video Resumer better than Resume Later and other similar extensions is that it appears to add a sense of intelligence to YouTube. When you’re marking your position in a video manually, it doesn’t feel like a convenient thing to do. Video Resumer is a cut above the others because of the seamless way it works.
There will be times when you don’t want it to remember where you left off seeing a video; for example, when you watched something half way through or just a few minutes of it and later decided to pursue it from the start.  However, most would consider this a small price to pay for the convenience that the extension provides. One solution to this could be adding a time threshold, allowing the user to specify how long into a video should the extension remember its position. Adding the option to manually save the resume position might not be a bad idea either, though it’s something that should be on the back burner.
Note that the extension will remember resume points for videos even after the browser has restarted, and you don’t have to pause before closing a video to have it remember its position.
Install Video Resumer From Chrome Web Store

Thursday, January 10, 2013

View Related Wikipedia Images For Selected Text On Webpage

View Related Wikipedia Images For Selected Text On Webpage:
Wikipedia’s knowledge base isn’t just all text; you will find other types of helpful media on it as well, like images and sound clips. For many people, Wikipedia will often form the basis of knowledge on a topic that they can then expand on, and the images provided are obviously useful. In the past, we’ve covered a lot of extensions that let you select and send text to a particular website/search engine but for the most part, we haven’t found much that specializes in images, until now. Image Dictionary is a Chrome extension that lets you select text and send it to Wikipedia to search it for images related to that text, and shows them in a pop-up on the same tab.

The extension is very straight forward, with no options for you to manage. Once installed, simply select text from a web page, right-click it and select the ‘Image Search’ option. After a slight delay, an image will open within the tab above the selected text. It is cited with the source i.e. Wikipedia and linked to the page it was pulled from.
The delay between selecting the extension’s option from the context menu and when the image finally loads is considerably high. While it is understandable that there has to be some delay because in the background, the extension is looking up a word and then the image associated with it, still it is sometimes a bit too long; a user might think that the extension isn’t working, or just decide that looking the image up manually would be a whole lot faster.
The usability and usefulness of this extension is also going to be rather subjective; for instance, it might not be too useful for looking up company logos, since the image added to a particular company’s Wikipedia page might be that of its product. It’s best used if you’re reading about historical or fictional characters, as the extension will be able to find their pictures on their respective Wikipedia pages. Image Dictionary has little-to-no use on topics that are too general, so if you select words like, ‘funny’, ‘love’, or ‘war’ you won’t see an image at all.
The extension offers no indication that it’s searching or has completed the search. Considering that the delay before an image pops up is rather long, having some sort of progress indicator would have been a good idea for some visual feedback. Another drawback is that if you click anywhere on the web page while the extension is doing a search in the background, the pop-up fails to load. Keeping in mind how long it takes to pull an image, Image Dictionary should ignore clicks and show the image as soon as it is found. It is also unclear what the extension will do if there is more than one image associated with a particular article. The concept is good, but the execution needs some improvement.
Install Image Dictionary For Chrome

Via Addictivetips

Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Best Facebook Video Conferencing and Chat Apps

If there is anything which is common with today’s internet population, it has to be Facebook. With 500 million facebook users and the number increasing every minute, trendy apps on facebook also are on the rise.
Facebook, being a global platform for communication between millions of people around the globe has redefined the term ‘social networking’.
With cheaper bandwidth and the obvious rise in demand and usage of video conferencing, it didn’t take long for applications on facebook to come equipped with video conferencing and chat capabilities.
There are a lot of applications on facebook which boast of video and chat capabilities but we have shortlisted 7 applications for you to integrate as video conferencing and chat apps with your facebook account.



Rounds is an innovative application which lets you mimic real life conversations, thereby letting people share their experiences with your friends on facebook, as if you were all in one room!
It is a flash-based social entertainment platform which also lets you perform live meeting sessions and its interface will involuntarily make you call out the word “AWESOME”! To add to its awesomeness, rounds has a huge list of effects you can add during the video conference.
You will absolutely love this application!


It is a P2P(Peer to peer) video conferencing and chat application with some amazing features in it.
It has a very user friendly interface and you will love it when you try it. You can actually see the status updates of your friends in that same box.
It also hosts private video chats and they don’t necessarily have to be with those on your friend list. You can also chat with strangers. It’s total fun!!

On Conference

On Conference
It is a very simple and lightweight application which doesn’t hog all your bandwidth. No flashy menus or eye-candies on this app.
It is a plain video conferencing app which lets you do what you want to- video conference! It’s simple, easy and lightweight!

Friend Cameo

Friend Cameo
A cameo indeed! This app ensures a private space for you to video conference or chat with your friends and strangers just can’t get in!
The application lists your friends and also shows if your friends are on the webcam and this app also has a screenshot option! It’s a must try for those who are addicted to Skype!


This application is unique in its own ways and lets you broadcast your videos to facebook! No wonder it’s the biggest live streaming social networking application on the web!
The application also can be integrated with your facebook chat!


vChatter enables you to start random as well as private, invite-only video chats with friends.
You can hit the ‘next person’ button to move to the next video chat if you are bored/annoyed by a friend! It’s a fun application and a must try too!

Vawkr Video Chat

Vawkr Video Chat
It lets users create video chat rooms for groups without even having to sign up or download! Vawkr has a professional edge to it on facebook and lets you click on the ‘talk to me’ link on your friends’ profiles and initiates a chat.
It’s a great means of entertainment and social networking because you can also share YouTube videos with your friends right off the same window!
Do you have any of your personal favorites ? Share your favorite apps with us.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Five Chrome Extensions to Read Webpages Offline

Many web pages are cluttered with so many advertisements and other useless media files that it makes it difficult to read the web site. If you’re using Google Chrome, here’s five extension that allows you to read pages, without the clutter, and save them for offline reading.


Pocket, formerly known as Read it Later, the extension allows you to save the webpages, articles, and so that they can be viewed offline. The application is available for majority of platforms and syncs automatically among your computers and mobile devices. Sign up for your Pocket account, right click a web page, and select Save it to Pocket for clutter free viewing. You save items from Twitter and Google Reader as well.


iReader removes website clutter and allows you to read the text of articles on webpages. A small iReader icon appears in the address bar. Clicking on it will present the web page in a clutter free interface and provides options to zoom in or out, print, share it on Facebook or Twitter. The extension also provides users with wide range of options to customize the appearance of web pages.


Readability lets you read the webpage right away if you want in a cleaner interface. This one requires an account, like Pocket, and lets you easily send the files to your Kindle if you want to read them on the go.

Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast will appear on the New Tab Page, and is available by right clicking on a page.  Unlike other extensions, this one doesn’t allow much for sharing, but is nice for reading a page in plain text quickly.
read later fast
read later fast


Clearly doesn’t require you to to sign up for any account to use. The Clearly icon appears in Chrome’s extension area. It also allows you to save the pages to your Evernote account. And one of the coolest options is Text to Speech that reads the webpage text to you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google Chrome update brings better battery life, Do not track

Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 23 which brings some new features in addition to usual bug fixes. The notable features that come with this new chrome release include extended battery life for Windows users and Do not track feature.

Google claims to have 25% longer battery life with the latest chrome update update by using GPU-accelerated video decoding feature to save battery power during video playback in the browser helping computers use less CPU computing power during video playback. It should be kept in mind that battery life is improved only if the System is having a dedicated GPU and not the shared GPU (which is majority of the entry level systems where GPU shares the CPU power and no dedicated GPU is available).

Do not track feature in Chrome is not enabled by default. You need to enable this feature under Chrome advanced settings. Even after enabling this feature, this setting only asks websites not to track, but its effectiveness depends on how websites and services respond to this request and hence this feature is far from perfect.

As per Google Chrome blog post:

the effectiveness of such requests is dependent on how websites and services respond, so Google is working with others on a common way to respond to these requests in the future.

Apart from the noted features above, it also comes with better access to view and control website’s permissions such as geolocation, pop-ups, and camera/microphone access.

One of the problems though that still remains even after this release is the huge memory consumption by browser tabs. Google needs to work on that and hopefully deliver better chrome with better memory management in future.

Via: Google Chrome Blog

Enhance Chrome Image Viewer With Zoom, Rotate & Pan Controls

Apart from being a web browser, Chrome is also a fairly good file viewer. It doesn’t support a very large number of files but for the most common types, it works well. Since it’s a web browser, Google focuses primarily on enhancing its web capabilities, leaving its file viewer aspect on the back stove, and this keeps Chrome quite bare bones as a file viewer. Image Viewer is a Chrome extension that aims to enhance Chrome’s image viewing capabilities, adding support to zoom in and out, pan, and rotate an image. It also gives Chrome a better interface when it comes to viewing images. The extension can open files dragged & dropped from local storage as well as from webpages.

Once installed, Image Viewer will have to be granted special permission before it can open files from your hard disk. Head over to the Chrome extensions page from Menu > Tools > Extensions, or by entering chrome://chrome/extensions/ in the URL bar, and enable the ‘Allow access to file URLs’ option under the Image Viewer extension. You can now just drag & drop a file from your hard disk on to any Chrome tab (not necessarily a blank one), and it will open in the new Image Viewer, centered in the tab with an elegant grey background. To open an image from the web in Chrome, right-click it and select the ‘Open in Image Viewer’ option. This opens the image in the same tab, fades out the rest of the web page, and allows you to rotate, zoom, and pan it at will.
If you move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the window, a black bar appears showing you the dimensions of the image in the right corner and controls for restoring the image to its original size. You can rotate the image by holding down the Alt key and scrolling with your mouse wheel. To quickly restore the image to its original size; double click anywhere on the viewer.
Image Viewer
Image Viewer’s options allow you to choose the default size the images will appear in. You can have the image fit the entire window, the width or height of the window, or just display in its original size. The zoom speed and degrees by which an image is rotated can also be customized. The image size controls serve only as a default for opening the image the first time, and you will still be able to zoom comfortably while the image is open.
Options - Image Viewer
Image Viewer gives Chrome’s built-in image viewer an excellent make-over. We only wish the default viewer were as good, or that we could have a similar one for other types of files. If you find yourself viewing images in Chrome often, this extension will be a keeper.
Install Image Viewer For Chrome