4 Useful Websites To Help You Pronounce Names Correctly

As a blogger I have to answer many questions to readers from across the world. Luckily, I converse with them either via emails

Lock Your Computer With Secure My Screen

There are several tools and methods to protect a computer from unauthorized access under a working environment. I had mentioned many of them in previous posts.

Create Multiple Aliases with Outlook.com Account

Microsoft has launched the latest version of their webmail service called Outlook.com. The new webmail replaces the existing Hotmail and users can now create their new Outlook.com email address

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Saturday, January 9, 2016


EmailMeTweets“, is a free service to receive Tweets of any Twitter List in email. It lets you schedule the time to automatically receive Timeline of a particular Twitter list in an email. As a result, you can view tweets sent by people in your Twitter list(s) in the email directly. Moreover, it lets you add the email address of your choice to receive the alerts. So, you are not restricted to use the email address registered with your Twitter account.
This service works for both private and public Twitter lists.
We all know that Twitter lets us create Twitter list, which shows the stream of tweets of people we have added in that particular list. If you have also created such a list, you can use this free service to get an email with the tweets sent by people in that list.

Twitter list received in email
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Above you can see email alert received by me for a particular Twitter list.
We have also covered free tools to schedule tweets.

How To Receive Tweets Sent by a Twitter List In Email?

Step 1: Go to the homepage of this service and sign up using your Twitter account.
Step 2: After this, you need to Schedule a new email list. You need to select the Twitter list, email address, and time to receive the added list in an email.
schedule a new email list
Step 3: Click Save Settings button and that’s it! At the scheduled time, you will receive an email, which contains the List Timeline.
email received
In a similar way, you can schedule more Twitter Lists.


EmailMeTweets is indeed a fantastic service. You don’t have to access your Twitter account especially to read the tweets posted by people available in a particular list. Simply use this service and view the timeline of your Twitter lists directly in the emails.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Postify: Schedule Facebook & Twitter Posts, And Set Them To Republish [Web]

Try as much as you can, but avoiding social media isn’t something you can do and it isn’t smart to try. It’s smarter to try and manage social media more efficiently because that’s how you actually get anything out of it. There is a myriad of tools available to help you manage multiple social media accounts; some simple, some complex, some that support an army of these networks, while others that cater only to the more popular ones. Postify is one such service that lets you schedule posts to Twitter and Facebook for free. You can schedule up to ten posts and it supports multiple Twitter accounts in addition to letting you manage Facebook pages.
What you will appreciate about Postify right off the bat is its clean interface. Post scheduling is of course, just one of the basic features this service offers. If you upgrade it will suggest ideas for posts and give you more scheduling and sharing options.  Start off by connecting your Facebook account. If you don’t want to manage Facebook pages, you can skip giving the service access to it.
Postfity account
Once you’ve connected account, start composing an update. Postify will let you compose an update and share it to all connected accounts. It has however, made it exceptionally simple to turn off an account so you can compose and schedule posts for Facebook and Twitter separately. You can attach images to your post as well as add links.
Postfity post
Once you’ve composed the post, click the Schedule button to select a date and time for posting. Other posting options available include an option to add a post to the queue which publishes posts five minutes apart. All scheduled posts can be ‘multiplied’. This allows you to publish the same update to your accounts at regular intervals and is useful if you’re promoting something for an extended period such as a giveaway that users can participate in over the course of two weeks.
Last but not least, the service gives you the following overview of your scheduled posts. It has filters in case you decide to connect more than one Twitter account connected to the service.
Postfity browse
As far as scheduling social media scheduling services go, Postify is a good tool to use for anyone with basic small-scale needs. The Multiply feature is definitely something that could benefit small scale pages and businesses alike. The ten post limit is something that might be a problem but it’s not a per-day limit but rather a queue limit so it’s workable. Give it a try and let us know how you liked it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Memorylage is an Awesome Photo Viewer and Collage Maker for Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a default image viewer, but it has only very basic features and does not have options to view multiple images in one view or even creating a collage of your photos. Memorylage is an awesome freeware app for Windows 8 tablets and desktops which is a photo viewer and also allows you to create custom collages with your photos.
It provides with a unique way to view your photos. You can also create custom collages from your favorite photos, or from new ones that you take with the Photo Booth feature.
You can pin your favorite folders to start menu and access it quickly. Use the Photo Booth to take pictures with your friends, to use in a new collage that you can then share with.
Custom collage


  • Browse photos in a dynamically generated collage
  • Create custom collages of your favorite photos, and save them or share with other apps
  • Use the Photo Booth to take a series of new pictures of yourself and friends, and then create a collage from them
Download MemoryLage

Remove Ads from Outlook.com for $19.95 USD a Year

Microsoft rolled out Outlook.com back in August 2012 with a modern UI and good features. After six months the service has over 60 million users and it is now out of beta. Microsoft has already mentioned that all Hotmail users will be eventually rolled to new service. We had covered on how . Outlook.com just like Hotmail displays graphical ads and also similar service like Gmail and Yahoo also features ads.
But now Microsoft is offering Outlook.com and Hotmail with an ad free option. This option costs you $19.95 USD a year.
Ad free outlook
What you get
  1. No account expiration: You don’t need to log in to keep your account active as long as your Ad-free Outlook and Hotmail subscription is current.
  2. No graphical ads: No graphical ads in Outlook or Hotmail—all you see is your email, photos, and documents.
As of now Gmail is not offering any such options to remove ads. What do you think of this option? Worth it if you are an Outlook user?
More details here.
[via Caschys]

Outlook.com POP3 Settings

Outlook.com POP3 Settings:
Microsoft released Outlook.com back in 2012 and within a span of 6 months it received almost 60 million users and it now out of beta and ready to migrate all existing Hotmail accounts to Outlook.com. We had covered on how to get your Outlook.com email address and also to create aliases for your account. If you want to configure Outlook.com on any email clients like Outlook 2013 or other free clients like Thunderbird, then you do it via POP3. You will need the POP3 and SMTP server settings to configure them.
If you’d like to manage your Outlook.com account using an email app, you’ll need to set up your POP3 or SMTP server and port settings in your email app. You’ll need the following info:
  • POP3 server: pop3.live.com (port 995)
  • SMTP server: smtp.live.com (port 25)
  • If port 25 has been blocked in your network or by your ISP, you can set the SMTP port to 587 with TLS or SSL Encryption (depending on which email app you’re using).
  • Choose the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option for both POP3 and SMTP connections.
  • Choose the SMTP authentication for SMTP connections.
  • Choose the outgoing server requires authentication option. (In most email apps, this option isn’t checked by default.)
  • If you don’t want email messages to be permanently deleted from your inbox after you download them to your mail program, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server option.

Prevent losing email in Outlook.com when you’ve set up POP3

Outlook.com has a feature that prevents losing email messages if you accidentally set up POP3 to delete them after reading them on the server. Here’s how it works:
  • The first time that Outlook.com receives a POP3 instruction to delete email messages after reading from an email app, it won’t delete the messages. Instead, Outlook.com moves the email messages that were successfully downloaded by the email app into a POP folder and out of the inbox. The POP folder is available in the Folders list.
  • Outlook.com keeps the email messages in the POP folder until you sign in to your Outlook.com account and verify whether Hotmail should respect or ignore the POP3 delete command.
Via Nirmaltv

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Internet Explorer 10 Now Available For Windows 7; Here’s What’s New

When Windows 8 was first revealed, the general feelings of most people towards the new Modern UI were that of apprehension. The new interface was the focal point for most people discussing Windows 8, but it had something else worth noting as well: Internet Explorer 10. At that time, the latest version of Microsoft’s browser was available for Windows 8 only, but Microsoft made it available for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 in form of a release preview in November and today, the stable version of IE 10 has finally been released for Windows 7 SP1 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Internet Explorer has declined significantly in popularity, but this latest version comes with features that put it back in line against the likes of Chrome and Firefox. The release does not have all of the features are available in the Windows 8 variant of the browser (like Flip forward), but here are some of the salient new features of IE 10 that might make you want to give it another shot on Windows 7.

Do Not Track

Much to the dismay of advertisers, Internet Explorer 10 has a Do Not Track feature (also available in Firefox). It is enabled by defauylt, but you can disable it if you want from Internet Options > Advanced under the Security options.

Spell Check & Auto Correct

Internet Explorer 10 has spell check. While other browsers like Chrome also come with the spell check feature, if you’ve used MS Word, you would know that no one does spelling and grammar check quite as well as Microsoft. The same feature is available in IE 10, and it works just amazing. Internet Explorer 10 also has auto-correct – something that both Chrome and Firefox lack. Spell check is available for 95 languages and it’s likely to become a very formidable feature for other browsers to compete with. Spell check can be disabled from the add-on manager. You can add or change dictionaries from the right-click context menu for misspelled words, or from the add-on manager.
IE 10 spell check

Better HTML 5 Support, Sandbox Technology

Web developers are gonna love this one. Most websites are increasingly using HTML 5 technology and up to version 9, Internet Explorer has been notorious compred to other browsers when it comes to HTML5 support. Not only does the new version support HTML 5 better than all previous version, but it also features sandboxing support for HTML5 webapps.

Pointer Events

Internet Explorer 10 supports pointer events; it will allow websites to detect and respond to touch gestures. This feature is obviously more useful on Windows 8 that has shipped on several touch screen devices, but it’s a step in the right direction for the browser overall.
Apart from these features, Microsoft claims the new version to be much fasterer than its predecessor. You won’t be able to upgrade Internet Explorer 9 to the next version automatically, and will have to download and install it yourself. The installation process is somewhat tedious and you will be asked to restart your computer but if you were ever going to give this browser another chance, Internet Explorer 10 is the version to try.
Download Internet Explorer 10

Twitter For Windows Phone Gets New UI, Lock Screen Notifications & An Improved Live Tile

It might have taken longer than expected, but Microsoft’s promise of bringing better apps to Windows Phone 8 is finally coming true. After the WhatsApp overhaul last week, Twitter has received a significant update as well. Until now, Twitter’s Windows Phone client resembled the service’s web version rather than its smartphone counterpart, but finally the situation has been rectified, with the new update bringing a tabbed interface and better notification support. The ‘Connect’ and ‘Discover’ tabs have finally been added to the app. You can also configure lock screen notifications on WP8 devices quite easily. No Windows Phone app update is complete unless it improves the live tile, and Twitter is no exception. The app now supports a double-sided tile that shows alerts for mentions and direct messages.

Twitter WP Login Twitter WP Timeline Twitter WP Photo
Although the new interface of the app is quite similar to the iOS and Android versions, the Windows Phone client retains a distinctly Modern flavor. Rather than displaying the icons for each tab at the bottom of the screen, you get the new options in the top bar. The compose and search buttons are in the bottom bar though, where they have always been. Whenever you open a new tweet with an embedded photo, the app shows the images below the text. Stats for tweets are nestled between the tweet body and sharing options. The app feels a lot smoother than it previously did, and you are sure to notice the improvement while going through your timeline.
Twitter WP Lock Screen Twitter WP Live Tile Twitter WP Secondary Live Tile
The change in the interface is pretty big, but that’s not all – the new notifications system is impressive as well. You can get push notifications without any manual effort; however, won’t be able to enjoy lock screen notifications straight away, since they have to be configured manually. To see a Twitter moniker for pending notifications on your lock screen, head to the Settings menu in your device and enable the Twitter option under the ‘Lock Screen’ section.
When it comes to live tile support, Twitter for Windows Phone has just gained a secondary live tile. Not only can you pin particular profiles to your Start screen, but the primary live tile now displays the total notification count and the beginning of the notification text as well.
The notifications worked flawlessly during our little test run, and the new interface turned out to be really easy on the eyes. The app is compatible with both WP7 and WP8. Give the new and improved Twitter a try by updating it on your device, or installing it from the following link.
Download Twitter For Windows Phone

Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 Useful Terminal Commands Every Mac User Should Know

In past articles we have already shown you how powerful your Mac’s Terminal app can be. This time, we put this extremely helpful utility to use to show you a few simple, yet useful tweaks that will make your Mac experience even better.
But first..

The Basics of Terminal

The Terminal app is a command-based emulator that is able to control the underlying UNIX-based operating system of Mac OS. It comes pre-installed with all Macs and can be found in the Utilities folder located within the Applications folder. You may also do a quick search on Spotlight for it to open it up.

Needless to say, if you are not familiar with Terminal and are not sure what you are doing, you should just drop it entirely. The power the Terminal app has over your Mac is huge to say the least, and you could end up damaging your Mac seriously if you don’t take care. So yes, a bit of geekery is needed to use this tool.
Ready now? Then let’s start!

Disable Pop-up Accent Windows on Lion/Mountain Lion

If you happen to use your Mac to type in more than one language, you might have noticed that in most places where you can enter text (on both Lion and Mountain Lion) if you press and hold down a letter while typing, an accent window will pop-up. This window can be extremely helpful in those cases, allowing you to just choose the accent you need.

However, if you write almost exclusively in English, this same window can be quite bothersome, forcing you to press a letter every time if you want to enter it repeatedly.
To disable this behavior with Terminal, open the application and then copy and paste the following line of code:
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
Once you do, hit the Return key and then log out and back in again for the changes to take place.
Cool Tip: To restore back this feature of OS X, just enter the same command in Terminal, but change the last word from false to true.

Show Your Mac’s Hidden Files

By default, Macs don’t show hidden files, This is ok, since most of the time these files are completely irrelevant. However, sometimes it can be useful to be able to see them.

For example: After using my USB thumb drive for a few months, I realized that despite being empty, it still had very little space left in it.

I used this Terminal command and I saw that there was a folder with a lot of files that I had forgotten to delete by emptying the Trash.

Here’s the command:
defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
After you enter the command, press Return. Then enter the following one and press Return again for the changes to take effect:
killall Finder
As with our previous command, you can change the last word of the first command from true to false to hide your Mac’s hidden files and folders again.

Change the Default Format of Screenshot Captures

By default, every screenshot you take on your Mac will be of the PNG format. That’s all good and smooth, but why settle for one fixed format when you can use a simple Terminal command to take advantage of a wide array of them?
Fire up Terminal an copy and paste this line of code into it:
defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg
Note that we used the JPG format in this example. However, you can choose from a few formats, including PNG, PDF, GIF, TIFF, and JPG. All you have to do is to replace jpg at the end of that command line for any of these formats and press Return.

There you go. I’m sure you will find at least one (if not all) of these Terminal commands very helpful. And if you know about other basic ones, let us know in the comments below.

Via Guidingtech

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

7 Entry Level Touchscreen Windows 8 Laptops/ Ultrabooks

7 Entry Level Touchscreen Windows 8 Laptops/ Ultrabooks:
Windows 8 was released back in October 2012 with so many features and one of the main new feature is the all new start screen with tiles and metro UI. While Windows 8 interface is more suited for a tablet, it works very well on desktop and laptops as well. To enjoy the best experience of Windows 8, you will probably need a touch screen laptop or desktop. But when it comes to touch screen navigation most of the laptops and ultrabooks are priced high. Most of the PC manufacturers have announced entry level touchscreen laptops in the budget category as well.
So in case you are looking for a touch screen laptop or ultrabook running Windows 8 in the budget category, you should keep in mind that you might not get the best performance as you are spending the extra money for the touch experience. Here is a list of best entry level (budget) Windows 8 Touch screen laptops/ultrabooks.
Windows 8
1. ASUS Vivobook S400:
ASUS Vivobook S400 is a 14 inch touch screen ultrabook running Windows 8. There will be configurations with Core i5 and i7 processors, but again, i3 is the starting spec here. The ultrabook is available in both 14 inch ( priced $599) and 15inch (S500 and priced $649).
2. Samsung Series 5 Ultra 13:
Samsung Series 5 Ultra 13 comes with an anti-reflective 13 inch screen and Intel core processor along with 500GB hard disk. It has speed, mobility, and stunning design, all in an Ultrabook that is so perfectly balanced, it reflects every side of you.
Samsung series 3
3. Lenovo ThinkPad Twist:
ThinkPad Twist can be used as a laptop or a tablet with its unique folding action. It features a 12.5” HD, IPS extra-bright display (1366×768) and supports up to 3rd generation Intel Core™ i7 processor. You can twist transforms into a laptop when you need to type, a tablet when you’re on the go, and a stand when you want to share presentations. When you’re ready to browse, bend it backward into a tent for a close-up view.
Thinkpad twist
4. Aspire M3 Touch:
The Acer Aspire M5 sports a 10-point touch display that provides a brilliant navigation experience and is ready to support Windows 8. Ultra mobile at just 20 mm slim and 2.1 kg, this Ultrabook still provides a full-size Chiclet keyboard for speedy input, and fast file transfers via USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0. It is priced at $699 of the 15 inch model.
Acer M5
5. Aspire V5 Touch:
Acer Aspire V5 Series presents added user-friendliness with 10-point touch display and a larger trackpad, designed to enhance multi-gesture content consumption and to take advantage of the features offered by Windows 8. V5 will be available with 14- and 15-inch screens. V5 will also be offered with Ivy Bridge processors and discrete NVIDIA graphics. The 14-inch model includes an optical drive and still is less than 21 mm thin and weights 2.1 kg; the 15.6-inch model, also with an optical drive, is thinner than 23 mm, and weighs 2.4 kg. This is priced at $750 range.
V5 touch
You can also check out the Acer Aspire S3 series which are around $700 and comes with 13.3 inch touch screen.
6. Sony VAIO T Series 13
Sony VAIO T Series 13 offers a sturdy traditional laptop setup with a 13 inch touchscreen. VAIO T Series is customizable and comes with 500GB storage, upto 8GB RAM and Core i7 Processor for the high end model. The prices starts at $700.
Vaio T-series
7. HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4:
HP’s Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 is an attractive ultrabook with a respectable mix of components for its price, a responsive touch screen, and a backlit keyboard. The HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 delivers powerful performance with the latest Intel processors, solid-state drive options, and the same Intel technologies available on the HP SpectreXT TouchSmart Ultrabook. It offers a 14-inch multitouch HD display, measures 23mm thin and weighs 4.77 pounds.
Envy touchsmart

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Copy Webpage Content Without Formatting With PureText

PureText is a free application to copy and paste the content from any web page as simple text into some other application without formatting. This kind of copy and paste is like copying and pasting only the pure text without all the formatting applied to it, and that’s why the name given to the application as PureText.
Many a times when we copy content/text from a webpage and paste it into a new application we find it very difficult to remove the formats applied to the fonts and make the text unique like a simple normal text, in such cases PureText is very helpful and you just need a single key stroke to use it.

How You Can Use PureText?

Just download the application which will be downloaded as a ZIP file which you can store anywhere in your system. Just extract the file and click on the application to start using. As soon as you start the application you will notice a ‘Pt’ icon in your taskbar.
Now, you are ready to use this application. By default the key combination set for  paste in windows  is Ctrl+V and here for PureText the combination is set as Windows key+V  but you can change the hot-key combination for this. To change the key combination just right-click on the Pt icon, click on Options and you will get the following window.

Here, you can select any key, you have the choice to choose any alphabet A-Z, F1-F9, numbers 0-9, etc. And you can make the combination with: Alt, Control, Shift, Windows key. You can also make this software perform certain actions like to paste the converted text into the currently selected window and play a sound, when the Hot-key is pressed. You can make this application automatically start on the system start-up, so that every time you switch on the system you do not need to start the application manually.

What all formatting PureText Can Remove?

The formats which PureText removes include font style (bold, italics, etc.), font face, font color, margins, paragraph styles (left/right/centre aligned), character spacing, tables, bullets, pictures, charts, any kind of  embedded objects, etc. The actual content will not be modified ever, also the paragraphs will not be erased.


PureText is a very good and small application with a very good purpose of pasting the content from any webpage to another application by removing all the formatting. This very easy to use application can be used anytime and works very fast.
Download PureText.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Migrate your Instagram Photos to EyeEm

EyeEm is a free photo sharing mobile app for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. EyeEm allows users to take and edit photos using filters and frames, and share the photos in its own website, via email or social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. The service offers an automatic tagging system that provides a topic, a location, and an event for each photo taken.
With the latest issues with Instagram’s new privacy policy if you are looking for a new photo sharing service, then you can migrate your photos to EyeEm using the free web service Instagram 2 EyeEm.

Instagram to EyeEm
The service allows you to migrate all your photos to EyeEm with a single click. You need to login to both services and authorize this service to access your photos.
importing photos
The migrate process takes time based on the number of photos available in your Instagram account. You can keep and migrate geo location data and smoothly integrate with FourSquare and EyeEm integration. Every hashtag and keyword set on you photos will be kept and migrated effortlessly. At the end of the migration you’ll have all your photos on both Instagram and EyeEm.

Know The World Around You With FieldTrip

Travelling to a new place or just moving around your neighborhood? There are a ton of things there you hardly know of. Be it of historical importance or an eatery to salivate you. You can get to know them with Field Trip an Android app from John Hanke, the brain behind Google Maps.
Get the app from Google Play store. The app runs in the background and pops up whenever you get near anything of interest. You will then read about the place or if you are connected with your headset the app even reads out the details for you. The database of local places is provided by multitude of services adept at tracking attractions around places.
The app has some smart features like tracking while you drive and speak the instructions without making you read it. It also learn along the way as you keep discovering new places and uses this knowledge to tune the discovery engine to show you things you had previously liked.
The attractions are listed under categories: Architecture, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, Offers & Deals, Food Drinks & Fun, Movie Locations, Outdoor Art and Obscure Places of Interest. The app also lets you explore you with a collective map of local interests around you and enthrall you with more info about them. The attraction discovery engine works the reverse way too. You find a place yourself and the app can also enrich you more valuable info about it.
So if you are a travel addict be sure to have your Android phone equipped with Field Trip so you don’t miss something along the way.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 Websites To Check Flight Status

Here, is a list of 5 websites to check flight status for free.
Internet has become a popular medium to find information on anything, and like anything else, it can provide information on flight status also. If you are planning to take flight to somewhere or waiting for someone who is coming from flight, you can search internet for the flight timings and status information.
There are some websites that provide full information on flights all over the world. To make it easier for you to know the status of any flight, we have found some websites that you can visit to know the flight status in a jiffy. These websites provide detailed information on flight status (scheduled, delayed, departed, in air, expected, diverted, landed, canceled, etc.) scheduled arrival, scheduled departure, estimated gate arrival, airline summary, fleet map, and lot more!
Let’s have a look on these websites, one by one.

FlightView’s Flight Tracker:

FlightView is a free website where you can track flight departures, flight arrivals, delays, and other information regarding flights. It runs a real-time flight tracking system called Flight Tracker, which provides information on departure and arrival status of all commercial flights in the United States, Caribbean, and Canada. It can also track international flights terminating in or originating from North America. Flight Tracker collects information directly from airports and airlines and also shows flight tracking maps based on real-time info.
To check the flight status on FlightView’s Flight Tracker, you need to either enter the flight number or enter the departure and arrival airport. Once entered, you can press the “Track Flight” button to know flight status. After you press the button, Flight Tracker will display information about your flight.
Flight Tracker provides all necessary details regarding flight status including scheduled departure, scheduled arrival, terminal or gate number on which the flight is arriving or departing from, and some extra flight details. FlightView’s Flight Tracker is a nice service to check flight status and a must try one.
Try Here: Click here to visit FlightView’s Flight Tracker.


flightstats lufthansa
FlightStats  is another free website that helps you to track flights all over the world. It’s a nice website that provides information on flights, airports, airlines, and flight delays. You can check flight status, flight availability, flight schedules, seat availability, flight fares, and on-time performance rating of various flights on FlightStats.
FlightStats provide flexible ways to track flights and check flight status. You can search for the flight either by entering the flight number, or airport, or route. Once you enter the information, you will be provided with details on the flight’s current status, scheduled departure, scheduled arrival, departure/arrival terminal, and other relevant information. You can also download a copy of this information as a zip file, or set flight alerts for status and arrival notifications.
Try Here: Click here to visit FlightStats.

Flight Aware:

Next in the list is Flight Aware, which is a free flight tracking service for both commercial and private flights in over 45 countries, including US. It integrates around 50 data sources worldwide, and provides real-time information on flight status. Apart from that, Flight Aware is also available as an app for Android, Windows, and iOS devices.
Flight Aware provides an intuitive and highly-responsive interface that makes it an easy-to-use flight-tracking application. It provides live flight data,  flight planning, fuel prices, airport delays, FBO reservations, weather maps, navigation charts, and lot of other information.
To know the flight status, you just have to provide airline and flight number or the origin and destination airport code/name. Flight Aware will then display information on flight’s current status, scheduled arrival, scheduled departure, total flight duration, and departing/arriving terminal. Apart from that, it displays graphs covering geographical view of the flight path.
Flight Aware is a powerful flight tracking service. Try it out to get real-time information on flight status.
Try Here: Click here to visit Flight Aware.


MakeMyTrip is a free website where you can book flights, hotels, railway tickets, and bus tickets. It’s a popular travel site that offers discounted price on flight tickets and displays updated flight status of domestic as well as international flights. MakeMyTrip has localized sites for India, United States, Canada, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.
To check the status of a particular flight, you need to scroll down on the homepage of MakeMyTrip. There on the left panel under customer services, you will see a “Check Flight Status” link. Go ahead and click on that link to open check flight status window. There you have to enter either airline and flight or arrival and departure airport to check flight status. Once you enter the details, you will be provided with information on flight’s current status, flight duration, scheduled departure, actual departure, scheduled arrival, actual arrival, and historic on-time performance.
MakeMyTrip provides real-time information on flight status and if you are looking for a website to know flight status, you must give it a try.
Try Here: Click here to visit MakeMyTrip.


Last but not the least, Cleartrip is a simple travel site that lets you check flight status. The website focuses on simplicity and reliability, and provides information on flight status, air tickets, flight bookings, hotel bookings, and train reservations. It lets you find flights to and from international destinations across the world, and check their status information.
Apart from that, you can view air-fare calenders, air-fare graphs, and customize email alerts to get best deals on flights.
As I have told earlier, Cleartrip focuses on simplicity, and hence searching flight status on Cleartrip.com is not a big deal. You can search for domestic or international flights just by entering a departure destination city/airport and arrival destination city/airport from around the world. Cleartrip then immediately provide results on various flights scheduled for that range, along with their current status, arrival/departure timings, and gate information (if available). Or you can simply enter the airline and flight number to get status information of a particular flight.
Cleartrip is a nice travel site that not only provides information on flights, but also let you check train timings of Indian Railways. Visit Cleartrip and give it a try.
Try Here: Click here to visit Cleartrip.com.
These are some of my favorite websites to check flight status. If you know something better, do let me know in comments.

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Popular Mobile Twitter App TweetCaster Gets A Web Interface [Review]

Popular Mobile Twitter App TweetCaster Gets A Web Interface [Review]:
If you’re active on Twitter and often tweet from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, it’s likely you’ve heard of TweetCaster by OneLouderApps. It’s a popular Twitter client that is rich in both features and customization options, and allows users to cross post to Facebook. TweetCaster has launched a web interface, expanding its reach to desktop platforms as well. It’s still in beta and you can use it only if you’ve used the TweetCaster mobile app. Whether you’ve been using the mobile app for a while now or this is the first time you’re hearing of TweetCaster, you’re bound to love the web app. Of course, there’s more to TweetCaster than just looks; the web service mimics most features from its mobile counterpart and borrows a few from Slices For Twitter, another versatile OneLouderApps Twitter client, which also happens to have a companion web app. Join us after the break for a detailed look at what the TweetCaster web app has to offer.


TweetCaster’s web interface follows Twitter’s layout; a top bar allows you to compose a tweet, access your account settings, and log out. All other controls and tabs are in a column on the left. Your timeline itself can divided into ‘slices’, which are basically groups that you can use to categorize the Twitter accounts your follow. You’ll find three slices added beforehand. Mentions, Direct messages, favorites, lists and your own tweets are all accessible from the left bar, as are the explore options and users that you’ve bookmarked.

Browsing & Timeline Filters

TweetCaster does not automatically scroll down when you have new items in your timeline, but unlike the official Twitter website, it does show the number of new, unread tweets in the left sidebar. The new tweets can be viewed separately in a small scrollable window by clicking the unread count badge, or you can simply scroll up to see the new tweets.
TweetCaster new tweets
To only view tweets with photos and videos in them, choose ‘Photos & Videos’ from the dropdown at the very top of your timeline.
TweetCaster filter
Thumbnails for images, articles/URLs are shown only if they were shared via Twitter, i.e. pictures shared via TwitPic, and links shortened by Twitter. There is no Instagram support.


Click the compose button on the top bar to write a tweet. You can attach a picture and add your location to it. TweetCaster does not have a built-in URL shortener so any links you add will tax your character limit. It doesn’t provide real-time suggestions for @Mentions either.
TweetCaster compose

Muting Users

To temporarily mute tweets from a user, move your mouse over a tweet from them and you’ll find a ‘Zip-it’ alongside the essential Reply, Favorite, Retweet and Share options. You’ll find the same option in the actions dropdown on a user’s profile page. You can mute one or multiple users and keywords (separated by spaces) at a time.
TweetCaster mute
The muted tweets appear in your timeline and mentions but their contents are hidden.
Clicking any of these hidden tweets brings up a small window with all hidden keywords and users listed. Simply check the ones you want to unhide and hit ‘UnZip’.

Bookmarking A User

Bookmarking a user adds a shortcut to their tweets to the left sidebar. Move your mouse over a user’s profile picture and a small window will appear giving you a brief summary of the user’s Twitter activity complete with recent tweets. The dropdown menu at the right of this pop-up allows you to bookmark the user.
TweetCaster bookmark

Editing & Creating New Slices

Slices allow you to group users together and view tweets from them in a separate stream. To create a new slice, edit or delete an existing one, select ‘Edit Slices’ from the left sidebar.
Sliced Edit
When you visit a user’s profile (a user that you follow), you will see an ‘Add to slice’ button. You can then pick a slice to add the user to. A single user can be added to multiple slices.
Sameed Khan's add to slice
Twitter users added to one or more of your slices will have the names of these slices displayed on their profile pages.

Exploring Slices

TweetCaster’s Explore feature, is a lot more versatile compared to Twitter’s own Discover section. It relies on slices to help you find what interests you. It divides slices created by other users and the OneLouderApps staff itself into several categories. It’s a far easier way to discover new users to follow, though it isn’t meant to help you find trending tweets.

Bookmarking & Saving Search

Searches can be saved or bookmarked, which provides you with another way to keep up with a stream of news that interests you. Simply search for a keyword or hashtag and bookmark it for quick viewing.
Search Tweets

Profile Settings

Clicking your Twitter profile picture and handle in the top-left corner will open a small pop-up that lets you manage your settings and log out. You can edit your name, profile picture, website and description, but not your header image.
Settings - TweetCaster

TweetCaster vs Twitter’s Web Interface

TweetCaster doesn’t really compare well with desktop apps, but it is a viable alternative to Twitter’s own web interface. The slices make it considerably easier to organize Twitter browsing and discover new people to follow. The mute feature, subtle highlighting of your own tweets within the timeline and unread item count for new tweets, mentions and direct messages are all good enough reasons to sway towards TweetCaster. Since it is still in beta, there are many things missing, like a URL shortener and @Mention suggestions. Moreover, it seems slightly slower than Twitter while switching between pages and does not display the entire thread when a tweet from a conversation is expanded; only the tweet that it was posted in reply to.
TweetCaster conversations

TweetCaster Web vs TweetCaster Mobile Apps

While TweetCaster for web has the additional slices feature, its missing the support for multiple Twitter accounts and posting to Facebook that comes packed with its mobile counterparts, which also have a URL shortener and display all tweets in a conversation. Like the free version of the mobile apps, the web interface has ads that appear on the right, but they are quite unobtrusive.
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